A Visit To Family-Friendly Froggyland in Split, Croatia!

SplitSplit, Croatia is an amazing city to wander around primarily due to it’s old town including the Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

To change things up, we decided to head over to a very quirky museum, Froggyland!

Kim and I expected Froggyland to be fun but we didn’t expect the kids to love it as much as they did. (Definitely a good thing!)Before heading inside, we needed a photo in front of this “Specialty Museum.” (Check out the dapper frog on the roof!)
According to a sign outside, Froggyland has an over 100 year old collection of 507 stuffed frogs displayed in human life. “It is here in Split verified only one in the world…

With a sign boasting those credentials, how could you not be curious and go inside?After paying the entry fee, we were told that no photos were allowed. The only pics we could take were with this Froggyland cut out.

We then looked at the dioramas featuring taxidermy frogs posed in various scenes like sporting events, a court room, classroom, dentist’s office and more!

Each diorama was labeled with a name and some small, bizarre details. Lucas loved listening to me them read them aloud. (Lucas reads just fine but he enjoyed the ridiculous way I read them.)

Kim wandered the staircase displays with Theo and he seemed to equally enjoy.

I’m not one to follow the rules so I quickly snapped a few photos of the dioramas:
Before we left, Lucas and I each wrote a note/ review in their 2021 visitor book:Final Thoughts:

Froggyland is a unique and fun museum for all ages. Kim and I really enjoyed it and the kids loved it, too. We all had lots of laughs while looking at the funny displays and were also amazed by the incredible taxidermy.

Visiting the museum makes for a nice break and change of pace from the typical sites that Split and most of Croatia has to offer. (Don’t get me wrong,  the old towns and fortresses and all are amazing, too!)

Froggyland is located at Ul. kralja Tomislava 5, 21000 in Split, Croatia

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