Searching For Invader In Ljubljana, Slovenia!

InvaderWe showed up in Ljubljana, Slovenia very tired and feeling a bit under the weather.

Our plan for the first day was no real plan. We figured it would be best to wander around since we were arriving mid day and then get down to business the following day.

As we walked around, one of us noticed a pixelated tile mosaic from our favorite street artist, Invader!

Had Invader invaded Ljubljana or was it a copycat placing mosaics around the city? I went to the artist’s site, spacer-invaders to find out. Yes, Invader had been to Ljubljana a couple of times. These were real.

Here is the first work we came across.Invader invaderPretty cool! Ljubljana is known for its castle and super cool dragon bridge. We loved how this piece symbolized the city so well.invaderWhile visiting the Dragon Bridge, I turned around and spotted this dragon.
invaderHere’s a close-up.

I tried to take a photo of every piece we came across. Here are six others we saw:invaderIn total, we came across eight pieces from Invader around the city. We may have seen one of two others that we forgot to photograph.

Overall, finding Invader made for a fun family scavenger hunt during our time in Ljubljana!

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