Bad News: Unique McDonald’s Times Square Closing For Good

McDonald's Times Square
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When visiting an international destination, I always make it a point to visit McDonald’s.

Besides being a real treat for my kids, I love seeing what interesting (and sometimes local) menu items might be offered.

I’ve also been to some very interesting looking McDonald’s. A couple that stand out is one with Maori cavings in New Zealand and another in Pennsylvania which has a train car attached to it!

You’d probably agree that many people associate Broadway with New York City- bright lights, big city!

To match the bright lights with NYC’s Broadway and Times Square, McDonald’s opened an incredibly cool location on West 42nd Street in the area, 17 years back.

What made this location stand out is that the “entryway is lit with 7,000 marquee light bulbs like a Broadway theater,Lucas11112” according to the New York Post.

Sadly, this very unique McD’s location has been closed for good. The fast food chain claims that the closure is not related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last year, a new, modern, glass location opened just a few blocks away. The new location “features 18 self-ordering kiosks — and just five cashiers — as well as upholstered banquettes and table service.”

I guess with rent not exactly being cheap in NYC, having two mega McDonald’s locations close-by, didn’t make sense.

Final Thoughts:

I never ate at the McDonald’s Times Square location but I did love seeing the bright lights with the Golden Arches! I did stop in a couple of times to use the bathroom as it was in a good location.

I am curious to see the new location which opened close-by. It’s just too bad that they couldn’t incorporate the Broadway theater marquee into it!

Find out more from the New York Post here.

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4 thoughts on “Bad News: Unique McDonald’s Times Square Closing For Good

  1. Awwww shucks! There goes my favorite way to cut thru the middle of the block from 42nd to 41st streets. Now, I have to rely on the Hilton about 50 yards to the west. It’s particularly helpful on rainy summer days and cold windy winter conditions.

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