That’s Different: Train Car McDonalds- Fall River, MA

a fast food restaurant with a large sign

While traveling around the world I always like to check out McDonalds to see what interesting items will be on the menu that we don’t have at home.

While reading about things to do on a trip around New England, I came across a McDonalds that has a train car attached to it. I wasn’t interested in eating there but I had to check out this location. We planned the stop as a bathroom break.

The train car is usually used as a dining room and had some diner style booths inside but it was closed for renovations. The main part of the restaurant also had a train theme with various things hanging on the wall.

This was definitely one of the most interesting and bizarre McDonalds locations that I have ever seen!

If you want to check out this McDonalds, it is located at
44 William S. Canning Blvd, Fall River, MA

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