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USA Travel Warnings Increasing

travel warnings
image: wikicommons

Travel warnings are issued towards countries for a variety of reasons-  war, crime and disease/ viruses etc…

In January the US embassy issued a travel warning for the Bahamas. A few months later the US State Department issued a travel alert for all of Europe. Most recently, the CDC issued a travel warning for Florida due to Zika. Continue reading USA Travel Warnings Increasing

Alaska Airlines Adding New Routes to NYC!

Alaska Airlines
image: Alaska Airlines

Since the Michael W Travels family lives in Brooklyn, NY we’re always excited to hear about more flight options coming to the three local airports (JFK, LGA & EWR).

I recently wrote about a couple of airlines coming to the New York area.

Check out the posts:

Now there’s some more great news as USA Today says that Alaska Airlines “targets Newark in transcontinental expansion“. Continue reading Alaska Airlines Adding New Routes to NYC!

Woman Moves Over For Hiker, Falls To Death At Grand Canyon

grand canyon
image: wikimedia commons

A woman posted a photo of herself at the Grand Canyon on Instagram with the caption “Those views tho” and then fell to her death just hours later in a tragic accident.

According to USA Today, a friend said that Colleen Burns “was, like, stepping out of the way for another gentleman to kind of squeeze in, and unfortunately Colleen just kind of got tripped up on her own feet and fell backwards, fell into the canyon“. Continue reading Woman Moves Over For Hiker, Falls To Death At Grand Canyon

$28 Million To Be Spent for More TSA Screeners

TSA Screeners

Security lines have been pretty awful causing many to miss their flights. However, the TSA Chief recently said that airport lines were getting shorter.

This could possibly be attributed to some airlines spending money to help out.

American Airlines spent $4 million to speed up airport lines probably thanks to these 70,000 reasons. Delta went $1 million higher, spending $5 million to help speed up security lines. Continue reading $28 Million To Be Spent for More TSA Screeners

Quirkiest American Attractions

a mask on a stand
The Mutter Museum

When traveling, I always look to find some things that might be considered odd, quirky and possibly even off the beaten path.

These kind of attractions could be found as a roadside statue, an interesting/ odd museum or in many other ways.

I thought of this topic due to a slideshow that I recently came across from USA Today Travel.  Continue reading Quirkiest American Attractions

NY Driver’s License + 3 Other States Won’t Be Valid For Domestic Flights

New York Drivers License

When I’m flying on domestic flights around the U.S. I leave my passport at home but this might not be the case in the near future.

According to an article from USA Today’s Road Warrior Voices, “Driver’s Licenses From These States Soon Won’t Suffice As Valid ID For Domestic Flights“.

Being that I live in Brooklyn and am a New York state resident, it sounds like soon I might have to remember to bring another form of ID when flying within the US. Continue reading NY Driver’s License + 3 Other States Won’t Be Valid For Domestic Flights

Harrison Ford Plane Crash Cause Reported

Harrison Ford
image: NBC News

In my post Private Jets of the Rich & Famous, I mentioned that Harrison Ford is the owner of 8 planes. Soon after, in early March it was reported that Ford was seriously injured in a plane crash.

In the crash he sustained head injuries while flying a vintage World War II training plane which crashed on a golf course but there were no details as to what caused the crash.

According to USA Today, the crash wasn’t Ford’s fault, a mechanical problem was the cause. Continue reading Harrison Ford Plane Crash Cause Reported

Places That Ban the Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick Ban
image: amazon.com

Almost two weeks back I was happy to see that Disney banned the selfie stick from all of their parks.

You might wonder why I’d even care?

During our trip to Orlando to visit Disney World earlier in the year I had an issue with a selfie-stick user. It was quite annoying when this visitor with the selfie stick got in the way of my photo-taking at one of the parades. I still can’t imagine why someone in the front row would need to use this device when nothing was obstructing her view… Continue reading Places That Ban the Selfie Stick