USA Travel Warnings Increasing

travel warnings
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Travel warnings are issued towards countries for a variety of reasons-  war, crime and disease/ viruses etc…

In January the US embassy issued a travel warning for the Bahamas. A few months later the US State Department issued a travel alert for all of Europe. Most recently, the CDC issued a travel warning for Florida due to Zika.

While it was interesting to hear about the CDC issuing a warning about the US, according to USA Today “a growing number of countries are warning their citizens about taking trips to the United States“.

The US travel warnings have been issued for a variety of reasons.

  • The UK added the US to a list where travelers have a moderate risk of getting Zika.
  • European countries have issued warnings due to gun violence. This was prompted by the shooting in Orlando at Pulse Nightclub and the murder of police in two parts of the country.
  • France warned that it is legal for American to have guns.
  • Germany said “It is relatively easy to obtain a firearm in the U.S. If you find yourself the victim of a gun attack, do not try to resist!
  • The UAE issued an advisory for people to not wear traditional clothing. This happened “after a citizen was tackled to the ground and injured by police in Ohio. Officers had been alerted by hotel staff who feared the businessman’s robe and headscarf indicated terrorist intentions“.
  • The Bahamas warned its citizens that when interacting with police, “Do not be confrontational and cooperate,” according to a travel warning issued by the Bahamas Foreign Ministry.

So how will these warnings affect people’s decisions to book a trip to the US? My guess is that time will tell if it hurts the country, causing less people to visit.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of a country people should worry about planning a trip to, the US doesn’t seem like one that should come to mind.

Find out more from USA Today here.

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