Alaska Airlines Adding New Routes to NYC!

Alaska Airlines
image: Alaska Airlines

Since the Michael W Travels family lives in Brooklyn, NY we’re always excited to hear about more flight options coming to the three local airports (JFK, LGA & EWR).

I recently wrote about a couple of airlines coming to the New York area.

Check out the posts:

Now there’s some more great news as USA Today says that Alaska Airlines “targets Newark in transcontinental expansion“.

Any news of more flight options coming to the New York area interests me so I was curious to find out more about this expansion.

In the article, USA Today mentions that Alaska Airlines will “add four additional flights and three new routes at Newark Liberty International Airport“.

The new routes to Newark will be from Portland, Oregon, San Diego & San Jose, California. An additional flight from Newark to Alaska’s main hub Seattle will also be added.

I see some good options here as I’ve long wanted to visit Portland, Seattle and San Diego. Maybe Alaska Airlines will be my ride there in the future! (Portland & San Diego flights will start in November and San Jose flights as well as the third daily trip to Seattle will start in March.)

What do you think about these new routes that Alaska Airlines is adding to the NYC area?

Find out more from USA Today here.

3 thoughts on “Alaska Airlines Adding New Routes to NYC!

  1. I’m from Brooklyn, NY also and wish they have these routes at JFK or LGA instead. Not complaining about it since EWR is not that bad. Need to find some use of their miles from those CC sign ups.

  2. Kevin- What part of Bklyn? I also wish it was from JFK. LGA or EWR- neither is a great option. LGA is closer but with the construction going on, a real pain + can be a pricey cab ride. EWR while a bit further, you can find cheap off-airport parking but then there’s also the tolls to deal with.

    1. Right now I’m in Canarsie, but I go back and forth to Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge area also. JFK usually the better choice with LGA coming in second.

      I usually have someone drop me off if it’s for leisure. Otherwise, it’s a short taxi ride to JFK.

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