Places That Ban the Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick Ban

Almost two weeks back I was happy to see that Disney banned the selfie stick from all of their parks.

You might wonder why I’d even care?

During our trip to Orlando to visit Disney World earlier in the year I had an issue with a selfie-stick user. It was quite annoying when this visitor with the selfie stick got in the way of my photo-taking at one of the parades. I still can’t imagine why someone in the front row would need to use this device when nothing was obstructing her view…

I was happy to write that some museums would have a selfie stick ban back in February.

So where else is the selfie stick banned?

I came across an article from USA Today which mentions a “growing number of venues banning selfie sticks“.

USA Today names a bunch of museums which make up the majority of the list. Also included are some sporting venues/ events as well as music festivals. I’d like to see more historic sites added to the list besides the one that the article points out.

Here is USA Today’s list of venues banning the selfie stick:

  • Museum of Modern Art in New York
  • National Gallery of Art in Washington
  • All 19 Smithsonian museums and galleries
  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • The Getty Center in Los Angeles
  • Rome’s Colosseum
  • Brazilian soccer stadiums,
  • The Kentucky Derby
  • The Wimbledon tennis championships
  • Lollapalooza and Coachella music festivals

Based on this list, it looks like more and more places are paying attention to the annoyance, inconvience and potential damage the selfie stick can cause.

Hopefully more places start to ban it too!

What are your thoughts on the selfie stick?

Find out more from USA Today about venues banning the selfie stick here.

10 thoughts on “Places That Ban the Selfie Stick

  1. This reminds me of the very funny “Selfie Stick Abuse” video I saw recently.

    The fact that it was made by Pizza Hut actually does not diminish the humor IMHO :p

    And more seriously… I’d love to see tons of private establishments ban the selfie stick. If they could ban selfies themselves, even better. Narcissism has just gotten out of hand, with people paying more attention to that perfect social media shot vs. actually engaging with locals, enjoying new places in the moment, and so on.

  2. kj- I hear ya, selfie sticks can be useful in some situations. However, I don’t think they have a place in museums and busy areas where they can block the view of others and potentially cause damage.

    Kevin- Right, I mentioned it was banned at Disney in the first sentence!

    LAM- Not sure of the post you are referencing. I have no issue with people being in pictures when they travel, it’s with the problems selfie sticks can cause…

  3. Ban them. I agree with the posting recently I think on a BoardingArea blog regarding travel has become pictures you can post on social media not what you really should get out of travel. A selfie every once in a while ok but really you are not that important.

  4. I just purchased one and frankly when you travel with just your hubby and no one is around to take a photo…..or no one trustworthy they are handy and certainly produce a better photo than trying to take a selfie without one with your faces all close up. So I think they can be useful. We were just in Mexico and used it several times….I also noticed a rather large lady next to me on a sun lounger taking tons of photos of her kids this way…….so no I don’t have a problem with them

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