NY Driver’s License + 3 Other States Won’t Be Valid For Domestic Flights

New York Drivers License

When I’m flying on domestic flights around the U.S. I leave my passport at home but this might not be the case in the near future.

According to an article from USA Today’s Road Warrior Voices, “Driver’s Licenses From These States Soon Won’t Suffice As Valid ID For Domestic Flights“.

Being that I live in Brooklyn and am a New York state resident, it sounds like soon I might have to remember to bring another form of ID when flying within the US.

Sounds kind of strange to me. So why might this be happening?

According to the article, at the end of 2013, the Department of Homeland Security announced the Real ID act which set federal security standards for IDs.

Around 70% -80% of U.S. driver’s licenses met those standards. However, licenses issued in four states- Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire and New York failed to meet those standards, being  “deemed non-compliant” according to the article.

This new act has been enforced in some part over the past few years but now the last phase, dealing with aircrafts will be enforced. This will happen, most likely in early 2016.

Those of us which hold a driver’s license from the four mentioned states will then have to provide a second form of ID. My guess is that I’ll need to bring my passport, which I’d rather not carry since I’d prefer for it to be safely left at home.

I’m wondering if my Global Entry ID card might count as a second form of ID. No mention was made of this in the Road Warrior Voices article.

Find out more from USA Today here.

13 thoughts on “NY Driver’s License + 3 Other States Won’t Be Valid For Domestic Flights

  1. Left Handed Passenger- I’m definitely surprised to hear that some of the items you mentioned would count as ID. Interesting stuff!

    Chris- Good idea! I probably would get a passport card next time I am due for renewal.

    1. When I got my passport a couple months ago I also got a passport card BUT was told the card is not able to be used to fly!!!

  2. I’d recommend getting a U.S passport card, so that you can leave the passport book at home.

    While I know that “DHS trusted traveler cards (Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST)” are on the list of approved TSA-approved IDs, I’ve seen online references of people getting hassled for using it, so I’d rather minimize the chance of having a discussion with TSA personnel on what counts as valid ID.

    Also, personal preference, but the passport card looks a lot more legit to my eyes….

  3. A passport or a Global Entry card is probably the most convenient form of ID in place of a driver’s license for TSA.

    But I’ve seen the lady in front of me at TSA line get through with a prescription bottle with a name on it and a credit card acceptably as two forms of ID. A Costco card is supposedly sufficient as a photo ID. Many public library cards are supposedly accepted.

  4. Your global entry card can serve as your primary form of ID. I rarely use my driver’s license when when flying domestically…and use my global entry card instead.

  5. Angel- Thanks for letting me know about Idaho!

    Bill n DC & Kevin- Thanks for confirming this. I can’t say that I’ve brought my Global Entry ID with me and tried using it for domestic flights. Now I will going forward in 2016.

  6. Global entry card counts as a form of ID already. I solely use it at TSA chackpoints. I don’t remember the last time I showed the TSA my drivers license.

  7. Um, you forgot Idaho. We are also one of the states that have not complied with the Real ID act. Our extension goes until October then unless something is done in the next 15 days, which I doubt, Idahoians will be unable to use our driver IDs as well. Good thing I already have a passport.

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