Woman Moves Over For Hiker, Falls To Death At Grand Canyon

grand canyon
image: wikimedia commons

A woman posted a photo of herself at the Grand Canyon on Instagram with the caption “Those views tho” and then fell to her death just hours later in a tragic accident.

According to USA Today, a friend said that Colleen Burns “was, like, stepping out of the way for another gentleman to kind of squeeze in, and unfortunately Colleen just kind of got tripped up on her own feet and fell backwards, fell into the canyon“.

Park rangers found her body around 400 feet from where she fell. Medical examiners said that she died of blunt force injuries.

Burns worked for Yelp in Orlando as a regional marketing director. USA Today also mentions that Burns’ mom told People Magazine that “the heights shown in the last photo her daughter posted scared her so much I shut down my computer. … And then the next day we lost her“.

As tragic as this situation is, at least Burns died doing something that she loved- traveling.

Just days before arriving at the Grand Canyon, Burns told her mother she was content with life and wanted to travel and see the world.

Talk about a sad story.

Find out more from USA Today here.

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