$28 Million To Be Spent for More TSA Screeners

TSA Screeners

Security lines have been pretty awful causing many to miss their flights. However, the TSA Chief recently said that airport lines were getting shorter.

This could possibly be attributed to some airlines spending money to help out.

American Airlines spent $4 million to speed up airport lines probably thanks to these 70,000 reasons. Delta went $1 million higher, spending $5 million to help speed up security lines.

A good reason why airport lines are so slow is due to a lack of open security lanes and TSA screeners.

According to USA Today, “Congress approved the latest $28 million shift in funding for the Transportation Security Administration“. This will allow the TSA to spend more money on day to day operations as opposed to areas where it isn’t as critical.

The additional funds will be used in three areas:

  1. Switch 2,784 TSA officers from part-time to full-time.
  2. Switching the officers will help to open an additional 53 security lines around the country.
  3. Hire 600 more officers by the end of September.

Hopefully the additional funds will help to move things along. Besides airlines spending money to pitch-in, they also “created a hashtag for Twitter and a web site for ihatethewait.com, for travelers to draw attention to long lines“.

Find out more from USA Today here.

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