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Quirkiest American Attractions

a mask on a stand
The Mutter Museum

When traveling, I always look to find some things that might be considered odd, quirky and possibly even off the beaten path.

These kind of attractions could be found as a roadside statue, an interesting/ odd museum or in many other ways.

I thought of this topic due to a slideshow that I recently came across from USA Today Travel.  Continue reading Quirkiest American Attractions

Uber Delivering Air Conditioners In NYC

a white rectangular object with textAfter trying out Uber for the first time while in Atlanta I didn’t really get what the big deal was about the service. Check out my post about it here.

While I didn’t love using Uber, I do love it when they run their random, odd promos and offers!

Uber is back with a special offer for New York City called #UberCOOL. They have teamed up with Quirky + GE to bring on-demand delivery of Aros- the world’s smartest air conditioner. Continue reading Uber Delivering Air Conditioners In NYC