AA Flight Diverted Due To Broken Toilets

Flight Diverted
image: AA Newsroom

I’ve heard of flights being diverted due to a sick passenger, a scorpion attack and even an unruly Dad but this reason could’ve made the plane really stink. Literally…

An American Airlines flight bound for Hawaii had to be diverted due to a bunch of broken toilets.

AA Flight 005 took off from Dallas/ Fort Worth on the 8.5 hour trip to Honolulu and had to be diverted to Los Angeles when half of the toilets stopped working.

With 212 passengers onboard, that would probably be a tough and potentially uncomfortable journey with only 3 working bathrooms onboard.

The plane landed at LAX around noon where maintenance crews fixed the problem. The plane then continued its journey to Honolulu, taking off around 2.5 hours later.

Find out more from USA Today here.

2 thoughts on “AA Flight Diverted Due To Broken Toilets

  1. Well, Spirit flies every day with A321s that seat 218 pax and have three lavs. Sure, it’s not an 8.5 hour sector, but it does show how poor the pax experience is likely to be on Spirit.

  2. RaflW- Good point about Spirit. I’ve only flown with them one time and the flight doesn’t stand out other than a delay due to one of the FAs not showing up on time!

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