Harrison Ford Plane Crash Cause Reported

Harrison Ford
image: NBC News

In my post Private Jets of the Rich & Famous, I mentioned that Harrison Ford is the owner of 8 planes. Soon after, in early March it was reported that Ford was seriously injured in a plane crash.

In the crash he sustained head injuries while flying a vintage World War II training plane which crashed on a golf course but there were no details as to what caused the crash.

According to USA Today, the crash wasn’t Ford’s fault, a mechanical problem was the cause.

An issue due to a carburetor part caused engine failure according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

The part came loose over the years after the plane was restored, “allowing too much fuel to flow, resulting in a loss of engine power“.

When Ford “reported engine failure” minutes after takeoff “he requested an immediate return” to Santa Monica Airport but the plane couldn’t make it back in time, crashing just 800 feet from the runway.

Luckily nobody at the golf course was injured.

Find out more from USA Today here.

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