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LinkNYC Launches- Offers FREE WiFi, Nationwide Calls & More


When I see a payphone around New York City, I have to say that I’m always surprised. Who thought there were any left?

Pretty much everyone has a cell phone so the need for public phones is pretty much non-existent. (I could see them being useful in some areas for tourists though.)

A few days back an amazing, new communications network was launched in NYC that will replace the city’s payphones- LinkNYC. Continue reading LinkNYC Launches- Offers FREE WiFi, Nationwide Calls & More

Does WiFi in The White House Suck?

The White House
image: Wikimedia Commons

I don’t know about you but my WiFi at home can be pretty inconsistent. The connection can drop at times or just be extremely slow.

I’d expect internet connections in government buildings to be reliable, especially in a place like the White House, home to our nation’s president.

But is this the case? Continue reading Does WiFi in The White House Suck?

How To Use WiFi in Cuba

WiFi in Cuba
Cienfuegos, Cuba

Kim, Lucas and I recently got back from our final trip of 2015 to Cuba.

Cuba has long been a country that I’ve wanted to visit and it was exciting from the moment the plane touched down. (That might also be due to the fact that we flew on Air China’s inaugural flight from Montreal to Havana!)

You might also be interested in finding out 14 Things We Learned From Visiting Cuba.

It was also nice to disconnect from the online world for a bit. I didn’t get on the internet or even attempt to until the last few days of our trip. Not having internet allowed me to catch up on sleep and finish off a book in no time!

What if you plan to visit Cuba and want to get online? Continue reading How To Use WiFi in Cuba

Pay For Wifi With Miles on United

United Wifi
image: Aero Shots

Using wifi during flights is a great way to pass the time and even get some work done but it usually comes at a price.

Unless you’re flying Jetblue (possibly some other airlines), you can expect to pay from $5- $16 during a flight unless you have a monthly pass. (Prices are based on what it costs to use Gogo Inflight.)

What if there was another way to pay for inflight wifi rather than cash. Would you consider paying for wifi with miles? Continue reading Pay For Wifi With Miles on United

Cuba Getting WiFi Hotspots Around Island

Cuba Internet
image: WikiMedia Commons

With Cuba being possibly the hottest and most talked about travel destination, here is a bit of good news, kind of…

I’ve heard that WiFi is almost non-existent on the island of Cuba. When you can find a connection it can tend to be quite slow but also quite expensive making it best to probably unplug during your visit.

However, Engadget reports that “Cuba is getting island-wide WiFi hotspots next month“. Continue reading Cuba Getting WiFi Hotspots Around Island

Only On Southwest: Gate To Gate Wifi

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 6.50.46 AMNo More Powering Down– Southwest Airlines became the only airline to offer gate to gate wifi on most of it’s fleet.

You can now use small portable electronic devices (smartphones, tablets & e-readers) in airplane mode during your full day of flying.

Southwest’s satellite-based Wifi costs $8 a day per device which gives you uninterrupted access to free live and on-demand TV compliments of DISH, even during stops and connections.

Continue reading Only On Southwest: Gate To Gate Wifi