Does WiFi in The White House Suck?

The White House
image: Wikimedia Commons

I don’t know about you but my WiFi at home can be pretty inconsistent. The connection can drop at times or just be extremely slow.

I’d expect internet connections in government buildings to be reliable, especially in a place like the White House, home to our nation’s president.

But is this the case?

According to Buzzfeed, tech in the White House isn’t so great. The article mentions that “The Obamas complained about the White House’s tech issues during an interview with CBS News before the Super Bowl“.

I missed the interview but I’m definitely surprised that there are tech issues there. Obama’s advice for the next president is to get the tech-issues sorted out.

Obama even said that they’ve “been trying to get that straight for the next group of folks, because it is an old building, and so there’s a lot of dead spots where Wi-Fi doesn’t work“. It turns out that even Obama’s daughters are “irritated by it sometimes“, according to Michelle Obama.

Wow… I’d love to know if there are tech and wifi issues in places like the Kremlin or Buckingham Palace!

Find out more from Buzzfeed here.

5 thoughts on “Does WiFi in The White House Suck?

  1. I work in a 5 sided building across the Potomac. Our IT systems are bad. Embarrassingly bad. I barely expect functional a intranet and internet. I lost hope for Wi-Fi in federal buildings years ago. We spend so much money on “IT Modernization”, yet we are a good 5 years behind – at best.

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