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Oops! World Gets Access to Internet in North Korea

North Korea
image: wikimedia commons

A couple of years back North Korea blamed the U.S. for an internet shutdown in the country which lasted a few days.

From what I had read, the internet isn’t something that the average North Korean gets to use or enjoy. It’s mainly used by the elite and military.

One might wonder what is allowed to be viewed on the internet in this isolated country. Continue reading Oops! World Gets Access to Internet in North Korea

How To Use WiFi in Cuba

WiFi in Cuba
Cienfuegos, Cuba

Kim, Lucas and I recently got back from our final trip of 2015 to Cuba.

Cuba has long been a country that I’ve wanted to visit and it was exciting from the moment the plane touched down. (That might also be due to the fact that we flew on Air China’s inaugural flight from Montreal to Havana!)

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It was also nice to disconnect from the online world for a bit. I didn’t get on the internet or even attempt to until the last few days of our trip. Not having internet allowed me to catch up on sleep and finish off a book in no time!

What if you plan to visit Cuba and want to get online? Continue reading How To Use WiFi in Cuba

Delta “Launches” International Wi-Fi

a large airplane flying in the sky

Here’s some big news for those of you that can’t live without being connected at 30,000 feet (or just want another entertainment option) during international flights.

Delta started offering Gogo inflight internet on international flights yesterday.

The first flights connected were on Boeing 747-400s flying from L.A.- Tokyo (Flight 283) and Atlanta- Tokyo (Flight 295).

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New Gogo Smartphone Day Passes +30% Off 1st Month Still Working

a cellphone with a plane flying out of the screenGogo Inflight Internet is now introducing a cheaper, daily way to connect. 

Gogo All-Day Passes cost $14 per day. They come with 24 hours of continuous use on the same airline.

I find this to be a bit on the pricey side and don’t see myself paying for a pass on a regular basis. However, if you have a long flight and really need to get some work done I could see the value in connecting at 30,000 feet.

I’d probably find  value in using the internet and buying a pass at under $10 per day (depending on the length of my flight) and now there is a way.

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30% Off Your First Month Of GoGo

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 12.34.54 PMLast week I used Gogo Inflight internet on Thanksgiving during our flights to Florida with Air Tran. This definitley helped to pass the time during the trip and I even got to finish a post or two while up in the air!

I just received an e-mail from Gogo offering 30% Off Your First Month.

I don’t really have a need for a monthly Gogo pass but if I did, I think this offer would be an excellent deal. Continue reading 30% Off Your First Month Of GoGo