LinkNYC Launches- Offers FREE WiFi, Nationwide Calls & More


When I see a payphone around New York City, I have to say that I’m always surprised. Who thought there were any left?

Pretty much everyone has a cell phone so the need for public phones is pretty much non-existent. (I could see them being useful in some areas for tourists though.)

A few days back an amazing, new communications network was launched in NYC that will replace the city’s payphones- LinkNYC.

LinkNYC sounds like an incredible device which will offer many free tech services around the five boroughs.

According to a press release that I received, LinkNYC will offer “free, super-fast Internet hotspots at no cost to taxpayers“.

Links will provide:

  • Secure, private, and free Wi-Fi
  • Two free USB charging ports to charge devices
  • Free phone calls to anywhere in the US
  • City services, maps, and directions will be accessible using the new Link tablets

At least 510 Links are planned to be installed around the five boroughs by July 2016. 7,500 Links are supposed to be installed in the next eight years.

I find this technology to be quite ambitious and impressive. Imagine the value it will provide to locals and visitors alike. If you’re running low on power, you can charge a couple of devices. Worried about using too much data, hook up to the free WiFi. If you’re visiting the city and don’t have an international plan, make calls for free and use the free WiFi to get online.

I’m excited to try out a Link at some point. Are you?

Find out more about LinkNYC here.

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