Cuba Getting WiFi Hotspots Around Island

Cuba Internet
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With Cuba being possibly the hottest and most talked about travel destination, here is a bit of good news, kind of…

I’ve heard that WiFi is almost non-existent on the island of Cuba. When you can find a connection it can tend to be quite slow but also quite expensive making it best to probably unplug during your visit.

However, Engadget reports that “Cuba is getting island-wide WiFi hotspots next month“.

According to the article, Cuba will be “making it easier and cheaper for its citizens to get online by building out an island-wide network of WiFi hotspots“.

The state-run telecom company plans to open up internet access at the beginning of July in 35 locations. Along with expanding the connection, this will also cut the cost to connect to about half the price per hour and will be priced at $2 per hour.

What’s sad to read is that even at $2 per hour, it’s still too costly for most of the citizens.

The article mentions other limitations like users having their speed capped at 1MB per user. Another problem could be congestion “since the infrastructure can only cope with 50-100 users at a time“.

Overall it sounds like Cuba is going in the right direction in trying to better connect the island to the internet. This might be the first step and hopefully it will rapidly improve and getting even cheaper so more of the country’s citizens could afford to connect.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve wanted to visit Cuba for years and am hoping to get there before 2015 is up. Would you like to visit Cuba? Does the lack of a decent internet connection influence your feelings towards visiting?

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