NYC Subway System Could Get Cell Service & WiFi At All Stations

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I can’t say that I frequently take the train in NYC. When we visit the city from home in Brooklyn, I much prefer to drive.

On the rare occasion that we do take the train, it’s pretty annoying when cell service drops.

It’s a pain for a handful of reasons. Primarily, (obviously) it limits what we can do on our phones. When it comes to safety, in the rare chance of an emergency, you can be stuck without a way to call for help.

These issues can all be coming to an end but it will take a while…

ABC7 reports that “MTA subway tunnels may soon be wired for cell and Wi-Fi service.”

Earlier in the week, the MTA finance committee approved the plan which would include Wi-Fi service at all 191 above ground subways and 21 Staten Island railway stations.

As long as the project gets approved, work would begin immediately. That sounds great but it’s going to take 10 years to complete.

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One thought on “NYC Subway System Could Get Cell Service & WiFi At All Stations

  1. What a total disaster. NYC spends $20 billion a year and they don’t have wifi and cell. I live in NYC. We need to demand better. Accountability for the billions of dollars the crooks piss away every year.

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