Eurostar Train Offers Free WiFi on New Fleet

Eurostar Train
image: wikimedia commons

The Eurostar train line has added a nice form of entertainment for those taking going on a journey in Britain, France and within the Channel Tunnel.Free WiFi has been added to their newest trains, the e320. The new trains can carry up to 900 passengers and travel at speeds of 320 kmph according to Lonely Planet.

Along with WiFi, the new trains will have 300 hours of TV shows, movies and games. Sounds like a good way to kill time during a ride. (WiFi is currently not available on Eurostar’s older trains but they should be replaced with the newer model soon.)

While Eurostar has upgraded with free WiFi, they are also looking to adding service to further routes like Bourdeaux, France and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Find out more from Lonely Planet here.

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