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30 Countries Before 4: Happy BDay Lucas- The Most Traveled Child!

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Today is a very important day for us over at Michael W Travels headquarters.

Our favorite little guy, Lucas Miles is celebrating his 4th birthday! There’s been lots of celebrating so far. Friday we had a little party in school and yesterday was his big party with a Thomas the Train and cupcake baking theme! Tonight, we’ll take Lucas out to end the festivities.

Lucas is really an amazing little boy. He’s quite curious and loves to fly and explore more than ever. During trips he’s enjoyed learning a few local words which brings a smile to all. He learned how to say hello and thank you in Myanmar and during our recent trip to Cuba, he picked up a bunch of words in Spanish. Continue reading 30 Countries Before 4: Happy BDay Lucas- The Most Traveled Child!

What Do You Do If Someone Shushes Your Kid?

Travel With Kids

So here’s the scenario:

We visited a tea plantation just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. During our self-guided factory tour, we were on our own, the place was empty.

After sampling some tea and checking out the gift shop, we waited a few more minutes for the trolley tour to start. We wondered if this would be a private tour but then a few small groups showed up.

There was an elderly couple, a couple of young girls and three older women that joined us. Continue reading What Do You Do If Someone Shushes Your Kid?

How Do You Stay In Touch With Your Kids When Traveling?

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Kim and I are currently on a family travel press trip to Puerto Vallarta. This is only our second time not bringing Lucas along on a trip.

When we dropped him off, I think it was harder for me to say goodbye and walk away. (I did mention back in September how it’s hard traveling without your toddler.) While Lucas was going upstairs at Kim’s father’s house, he didn’t look back. I had to call him back to get a second kiss goodbye…

Based on this, it seemed like Lucas would be just fine! Continue reading How Do You Stay In Touch With Your Kids When Traveling?

Happy 3rd B-Day Lucas! 49,000+ Miles Flown in 2014- The Journey Continues

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This past Sunday was a big day around here at the Michael W Travels Headquarters.

While I’m not big on celebrating birthdays, it was a big deal for the #1 little guy in my life. Lucas Miles W. turned 3 over the weekend and we had 3 days of celebration!

Lucas has really grown a lot in the past year. He is still just about as friendly as ever and is doing great in school. (We got a glowing report about him after his birthday party!) It’s fun seeing Lucas make friends, develop his own interests and really just grow as a person. Continue reading Happy 3rd B-Day Lucas! 49,000+ Miles Flown in 2014- The Journey Continues

It’s Hard Traveling Without Your Toddler

Back to The Balkans- Days 2 & 3- On to Romania & The Castles of Transylvania 6Kim and I just got back from Las Vegas where I attended the BoardingArea Conference otherwise known as BAcon.

There wasn’t a ton of time for play during this trip since I was in meetings most of the time. This didn’t really bother me all too much since this wasn’t my first trip to Vegas but something just didn’t seem right.  Continue reading It’s Hard Traveling Without Your Toddler

Should You Take Your Toddler to Oktoberfest

After writing a post based on a Fodor’s article about 10 Things Not to DO at Disney World, I felt it was fitting to finally write a little about our experience at an amazing festival (which has some rides).

Most people probably consider Munich’s Oktoberfest an event just for adults but they’d actually be wrong. Continue reading Should You Take Your Toddler to Oktoberfest

A Kiddie Amenity Kit For $3

At a little over 2 years old, I like to consider Lucas a well-seasoned little traveler. He’s flown over 90,000 miles as a lap baby and has already taken two trips to Europe since turning 2 in early January.

We’ve been very lucky so far. Lucas has been very good on flights. However, he has learned that the crew are generally very friendly (they have apple juice and pretzels!) and  he now asks to take walks, which usually means hanging out in the galley.  So we are always looking for ways to keep him in his seat.

When he is awake, Lucas enjoys watching the in-flight entertainment. We also bring along his iPad mini as well as a small bag of toys (little figurines, wind-up toys, crayons etc.).

I’ve been wanting to get Lucas a few more (small) toys and activities to save just for when we are flying. With three more trips already in the works and more to come, Lucas is bound to get bored with his “airplane” toys.

Continue reading A Kiddie Amenity Kit For $3

Lucas’ First Jumping Attempt- Long Island City, NY

Lucas trying his first jump but getting no air

At the 2013 JFK Runway Run I was lucky to win one of the raffle prizes. I was hoping (dreaming?) to win a flight somewhere but ended up with tickets to a food event called The Taste of LIC. The event takes place in Long Island City, Queens (in Gantry Plaza State Park) and sounded like it would be a good time.

Our prize came with VIP tickets which included early entry to the event. After walking around and sampling some of the food, we weren’t so impressed. A short while later it got really busy inside of the tent. We decided to go outside to let Lucas run around for a while on the pier close by. Continue reading Lucas’ First Jumping Attempt- Long Island City, NY

Lucas Likes Vanilla Too

For those of you that don’t know, some of us points and miles enthusiasts like to earn a little extra by purchasing pre-paid cards at drugstores or office supply stores with credit cards that earn a bonus. As an example: if you use a Hilton Amex card at drugstores you earn 6x points. If you use a Chase Ink card at office supply stores you can earn 5x points.
The cost to buy a pre-paid card is $3.95 and you can “load” up to $500 at a time per card.
This is a very basic description of how pre-paid card buying works. Don’t just jump in and buy the cards unless you fully understand what you are doing.
I am definitely no expert on the topic but I like to buy some Vanilla at times.
To find out more about this technique, check out the Boarding Area Blog Frequent Miler.

Off Topic: My Little Burger

Yesterday was the Jewish holiday of Purim. The easiest way to describe the holiday is to compare it to Halloween. During Purim, people get dressed up in costumes and candy/ snacks are given out. I’m not the best person to have explain the holiday so I’ll stop there.

For Purim we dressed up Lucas as one of my favorite foods, a Hamburger!
We had bought the costume for Halloween but with the destruction done by Hurricane Sandy, it wasn’t the year to take him out trick or treating. Candy is also not part of Lucas’ diet yet. Continue reading Off Topic: My Little Burger