A Kiddie Amenity Kit For $3

a toy package and a game box

At a little over 2 years old, I like to consider Lucas a well-seasoned little traveler. He’s flown over 90,000 miles as a lap baby and has already taken two trips to Europe since turning 2 in early January.

We’ve been very lucky so far. Lucas has been very good on flights. However, he has learned that the crew are generally very friendly (they have apple juice and pretzels!) and  he now asks to take walks, which usually means hanging out in the galley.  So we are always looking for ways to keep him in his seat.

When he is awake, Lucas enjoys watching the in-flight entertainment. We also bring along his iPad mini as well as a small bag of toys (little figurines, wind-up toys, crayons etc.).

I’ve been wanting to get Lucas a few more (small) toys and activities to save just for when we are flying. With three more trips already in the works and more to come, Lucas is bound to get bored with his “airplane” toys.

When putting together Lucas’ Airplane Amenity Kit I try to find things that can be considered disposable. So far we’ve been lucky not to lose anything but I could totally see something being left on a plane at some point in the future.

I find Target to be one of the best places to shop for these kinds of special yet cheap items.

In just about every Target that I’ve been to, the front of the store by the entrances usually has an area with items ranging from $1- $3. Lots of little gems could be found here. I used to check out this area for work items but now its become an area to find Lucas’ some things.

Here is what I found during our most recent visit:

two bags of toys on a green surfacePlanes PlayPack Grab & Go: Cost $1- Crayons and coloring books are a great way to keep a little kiddie busy during a flight. However, bringing a full size coloring book and pack of crayons can be a bit of a mess. The PlayPack includes both of these items along with a sticker sheet!

two packages of coloring booksWhat’s Inside? The PlayPack includes 4 crayons, 1 sticker sheet and a 24- page  “fun size” coloring book. What really stood out to me was that it comes in a resealable ziplock style pouch with a colorful Planes scene on the front.

I saw 2 different versions of the Planes packet and bought 2 of each. I figured for just $1 each how could you go wrong!

a plastic object in a packageLightBanz Light-Up Bracelet: Cost $1- Lucas loves playing with a little flashlight that we have at home so I think that this bracelet will keep him busy for a while during a flight.

The bracelets come in a bunch of colors and can be kept on with the flick of a switch or you can push down on the button to have it briefly turn on. There are smiley faces all around the bracelet which is cute.

The package says that the LightBanz can provide over 16 hours of light. You can also replace the battery (if it doesn’t break) and use it over and over again.

A bunch of different colors were available. I decided to pick up 2 LightBanz for Lucas in blue and green.

a box of a toySlinky Jr.: Cost $1- Everyone loves a Slinky, right? Lucas first discovered the Slinky at a birthday party last month. The goodie bags included a small, imitation version. I had planned to pick an authentic Slinky up for Lucas on Amazon but then spotted these small Slinky Jr’s at a great price.

Target had the Slinkys in plastic and metal so I picked up 3 in total.

I’m not so sure that a Slinky sounds like a good airplane toy but I think that it definitely can be. Lucas loves holding the Slinky and watching it spring up and down. I figure that he can play with it on the tray table and keep him busy for quite some time.

Overall I was very happy with these bargain finds at Target. I’m willing to bet that Lucas will be very happy when he gets to play with his new Airplane Amenity Kit next month!

If you travel with kids, what do you like to bring along to keep them busy and entertained during flights?

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