Off Topic: My Little Burger

a man holding a baby

Yesterday was the Jewish holiday of Purim. The easiest way to describe the holiday is to compare it to Halloween. During Purim, people get dressed up in costumes and candy/ snacks are given out. I’m not the best person to have explain the holiday so I’ll stop there.

For Purim we dressed up Lucas as one of my favorite foods, a Hamburger!
We had bought the costume for Halloween but with the destruction done by Hurricane Sandy, it wasn’t the year to take him out trick or treating. Candy is also not part of Lucas’ diet yet.

a child wearing a hamburger garment
a baby in a garment sitting on grass

I’d probably rank the burger as a tie with pizza as my favorite foods.
I’ve written about burgers a bunch of time on the blog.

Here are my burger- related posts:

a woman holding a baby
a baby in a garment on grass
a man holding a baby
Lucas’ costume was definitely fun, different and unique. I highly doubt that other burgers were crawling around during the holiday!

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