Lucas Likes Vanilla Too

For those of you that don’t know, some of us points and miles enthusiasts like to earn a little extra by purchasing pre-paid cards at drugstores or office supply stores with credit cards that earn a bonus. As an example: if you use a Hilton Amex card at drugstores you earn 6x points. If you use a Chase Ink card at office supply stores you can earn 5x points.
The cost to buy a pre-paid card is $3.95 and you can “load” up to $500 at a time per card.
This is a very basic description of how pre-paid card buying works. Don’t just jump in and buy the cards unless you fully understand what you are doing.
I am definitely no expert on the topic but I like to buy some Vanilla at times.
To find out more about this technique, check out the Boarding Area BlogĀ Frequent Miler.
Over the weekend I decided to stop by CVS to pick up one of our favorite flavors- Vanilla.

Lucas has been open to trying new things so I let him have a little Vanilla too.
Here is how the visit went.

Lucas: (to self) YES I found me some Vanilla. They sure do look tasty.

Lucas: Hey Da Da- I found some Vanilla. Hide the rest behind these Gap gift cards. I want to come back tomorrow to buy some more. I heard that Frequent Miler was going for 1 million miles this month and I don’t want him to find my stash.
MW Travels: Wow Lucas, you really learn fast. Your first time buying Vanilla and you’re already figuring out the tricks.

As we are making our way towards the register to check out, another customer is looking to see what Lucas has.
Lucas: Hey you, what are you looking at? This is my Vanilla. I’m 14 months old and I do not share!

After successfully checking out, Lucas admiring his bounty for the day.

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