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Awesome Deal: Pay Your Age at Build A Bear on July 12!

Build A BearBuild A Bear is offering an amazing deal during their first ever Pay Your Age Day!

For one day only, you can pay your age for any “furry friend“. The offer is a great deal, especially if you’re bringing little kids since all you do is literally pay their age.

Here are some details about how the offer works. Continue reading Awesome Deal: Pay Your Age at Build A Bear on July 12!

Legendary Toy Stores For All Ages

Toy Store
Steiff Museum & Factory Outlet- image: CNTraveler

I have to admit that I still really love toys and games. Being that I’m a Special Ed teacher for young children, one of the best parts of my job is that a good amount of my time at work has to do with playing!

I also love buying new toys for Lucas. I can’t resist when I see something that I just know will bring a huge smile to his face. Lucas is now into Duplos so it’s definitely fun building with him! Continue reading Legendary Toy Stores For All Ages

A Kiddie Amenity Kit For $3

a toy package and a game box

At a little over 2 years old, I like to consider Lucas a well-seasoned little traveler. He’s flown over 90,000 miles as a lap baby and has already taken two trips to Europe since turning 2 in early January.

We’ve been very lucky so far. Lucas has been very good on flights. However, he has learned that the crew are generally very friendly (they have apple juice and pretzels!) and  he now asks to take walks, which usually means hanging out in the galley.  So we are always looking for ways to keep him in his seat.

When he is awake, Lucas enjoys watching the in-flight entertainment. We also bring along his iPad mini as well as a small bag of toys (little figurines, wind-up toys, crayons etc.).

I’ve been wanting to get Lucas a few more (small) toys and activities to save just for when we are flying. With three more trips already in the works and more to come, Lucas is bound to get bored with his “airplane” toys.

Continue reading A Kiddie Amenity Kit For $3

T+L: The World’s Greatest Toy Stores

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 12.12.11 AM

I have to admit that I still love toys. As a special education teacher for kids ages birth-5, I get to play quite a bit at work.

While I buy most of my work supplies (toys) online, I still love  stopping in  toy stores for inspiration.  I also love visiting toy stores when traveling. We were amazed at the toy sections in some of the malls during our trip to Germany back in September.

Continue reading T+L: The World’s Greatest Toy Stores

Lucas’ Little Airplane Fleet

a group of toys on a green surface

Since Lucas started traveling at such a young age (his first flight was at less than 3 months old), I thought we needed to start a little toy airplane collection for him.
So far he has four airplanes with each being a bit different than the next one.
Here they are:

a wooden toy airplane on a green carpet
The South Dakota Plane
Early last Summer, while in South Dakota we visited an aviation museum. I was checking out the gift shop and wanted to get a little something for Lucas. I decided to get him his first airplane. He hasn’t played with this plane much yet, but it will be a nice toy for Lucas when he is a little older.
a green and yellow toy airplane
Green Toys
The second plane we bought Lucas is made by a really cool company. All of their products are made of 100% recycled plastic with the main ingredient being recycled milk containers! They are also made in the USA which I think is pretty awesome.
When I saw the Green Toys Seaplane, I had to get it for my little guy. It’s a really great bath toy and Lucas really loves it. He will often point or reach for it if I forget to put it in the bathtub. Lucas also has a bunch of other Green Toys products which we use on a daily basis.
a blue toy airplane on a skateboard
The next plane we got for Lucas is also made by an environmentally friendly company. Their toys are hand made from natural rubber foam. and have a simple and fun look.
The Rubbabu Charles the Little Airplane is a great travel toy since it is small, soft and light weight.
a toy airplane and a toy figurine
Weebles Toys
Lucas already had a few planes but no pilot so when we saw the Weebles Wobblin’ Wings Airplane, we had to get it. I remember having Weebles as a kid so I was happy to see that they were still being made.
The plane is a lot of fun. It comes with the pilot shown in the photo and can hold up to three Weebles figures at a time. The propeller spins and if you pull the blue circle in the back, the plane vibrates, makes noises and the Weebles figure moves around.

So that’s all of Luca’s fleet for now. Over time I’m sure that he will pick up some more airplanes along the way!
If you have any fun airplane toys that you’d like to recommend, please let us know.

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