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Vanilla Reloads- One Last Time?

Vanilla ReloadsSo today is the final day for easy manufactured spend at CVS chain-wide using credit cards to purchase pre-paid cards like Vanilla Reloads.

After failing to score any at my usual, reliable location a couple of days back, I decided yesterday to give up on trying. Just a day prior to being told of the changes I had unexpected success at this same location.

All along I was hoping that the imminent demise of purchasing cards was not going to happen and for good reason- I was told some positive news at CVS over the weekend.

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Vanilla Reloads At CVS in Brooklyn, NY- Is It The End?

cvs-logoOver the weekend all of us miles & points enthusiasts were in a mad dash to pick up our favorite flavor- Vanilla for most likely the last time.

After being very successful with my Vanilla Reload purchases all week, I went in on Sunday looking for more. I had picked up a bunch on Saturday but cards were out of stock this time. I spoke with a couple of employees, both of whom I think were managers and asked about changes coming to VR purchases but got (what I hoped) was some good news.

Find out What My Local CVS (Brooklyn, NY) Told Me About Vanilla Reloads.

Yesterday, March 31 was supposed to be the day when purchasing Vanilla with credit cards at CVS was supposed to end. Continue reading Vanilla Reloads At CVS in Brooklyn, NY- Is It The End?

Vanilla Reload Success In Brooklyn, NY

Yesterday morning I wrote about What My Local CVS (Brooklyn, NY) Told Me About Vanilla Reloads. While the usual store that I buy reloads at wasn’t supposed to have cards until Tuesday (today) at the earliest, I decided to stop by since I had a break around noon.

I mentioned in one of my later posts that I had some luck and would share the details today.

Check out the post Vanilla Reload Doomsday Updates From Around The Country where you’ll find out that quite a few cities are still selling reloads, as of 3/31 (and some that aren’t).

Thanks to all of the readers that shared their Vanilla Reload location info with us! 

Here is my tale of Vanilla Reload luck that I had yesterday.

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Vanilla Reload Doomsday Updates From Around The Country

Vanilla ReloadsEarlier today I posted about What My Local CVS (Brooklyn, NY) Told Me About Vanilla Reloads.

This is definitely a topic/ worry on all of our (points & miles enthusiasts) minds so I think we can all agree on one thing- we love our Vanilla!

It seems like there has been a mad dash to get in those last Vanilla Reload purchases and today was supposed to be the day that it all ended or… was it an early, cruel April Fool’s Day joke?

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What My Local CVS (Brooklyn,NY) Told Me About Vanilla Reloads

Over the weekend the big story in the miles & points world focused on doomsday aka the end of purchasing Vanilla Reloads at CVS with credit cards.

After buying quite a few Vanillas during the week, I am practically done putting the $10,000 spend on my second Citi Executive AAdvantage card which will give me another 100,000 AA miles.

Lucas likes Vanilla too and has enjoyed coming on VR scavenger hunts with me over the past year + so I figured I’d take him on one last shopping spree on Saturday. On the way to CVS he fell asleep but I successfully bought a bunch of cards. Too bad he missed out on the fun.

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Recap: North Face Endurance Race Weekend- Bear Mountain, NY

Even when we are not traveling, Kim and I like to keep busy and do and see things in our city (New York) or around the tri-state area. We are always visiting new restaurants, street fairs, festivals and exploring new neighborhood…
Especially when traveling with a child, I think it makes sense to make a weekend out of activities that are a bit further from home. For us it’s more about balancing things that we enjoy and activities that will entertain the little one.
A couple of weeks ago I ran in the North Face Endurance Challenge 5K for the second year in a row. (Check out my post about last year’s race HERE)
Last year the race kicked my butt and after doing it a second time I’ll say that this is definitely the toughest race that I’ve entered.
I guess that I like torturing myself because I’m already looking towards next year’s race and thinking about entering the 10K race. Kind of crazy since I’ve haven’t yet run a 10K!
The race took place upstate New York at Bear Mountain State Park. Due to the early start we slept in the vicinity of the park. I wasn’t going to just head up there at night to sleep so we headed upstate early and made a mini-trip out of it.

Lucas Likes Vanilla Too

For those of you that don’t know, some of us points and miles enthusiasts like to earn a little extra by purchasing pre-paid cards at drugstores or office supply stores with credit cards that earn a bonus. As an example: if you use a Hilton Amex card at drugstores you earn 6x points. If you use a Chase Ink card at office supply stores you can earn 5x points.
The cost to buy a pre-paid card is $3.95 and you can “load” up to $500 at a time per card.
This is a very basic description of how pre-paid card buying works. Don’t just jump in and buy the cards unless you fully understand what you are doing.
I am definitely no expert on the topic but I like to buy some Vanilla at times.
To find out more about this technique, check out the Boarding Area Blog Frequent Miler.