30 Countries Before 4: Happy BDay Lucas- The Most Traveled Child!

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Today is a very important day for us over at Michael W Travels headquarters.

Our favorite little guy, Lucas Miles is celebrating his 4th birthday! There’s been lots of celebrating so far. Friday we had a little party in school and yesterday was his big party with a Thomas the Train and cupcake baking theme! Tonight, we’ll take Lucas out to end the festivities.

Lucas is really an amazing little boy. He’s quite curious and loves to fly and explore more than ever. During trips he’s enjoyed learning a few local words which brings a smile to all. He learned how to say hello and thank you in Myanmar and during our recent trip to Cuba, he picked up a bunch of words in Spanish.

Cuba was a very special trip. Not only has it been a place that I’ve long wanted to visit, it also became the 30th country that Lucas has visited! Imagine visiting all of those countries before turning 4! (And we’re not even counting Kosovo!)

Lucas continues to be a great traveler both while flying as well as when we’re out and about, exploring a destination.

Lucas has held his own climbing volcanoes in Nicaragua, braving the heat in the Middle East and wandering around stroller-free for a couple of days in Cuba. (Strollers just don’t work well on broken, cobbled streets…)

As Lucas has gotten older our travel style has pretty much remained the same. We tend to primarily fly in coach and stay in budget accommodations. We’ve also stayed at some very nice properties thanks to hotel points.

a map of the world with orange lines
2015 Map from OpenFlights.org

Lucas’s flight stats for 2015: Lucas flew very close to the amount flown in 2014. He actually flew less segments and spent less time in the air while flying more miles this year.

Lucas flew 31 segments for 50,135 miles which took 4 days 19:32.

a close-up of a list of informationBreaking down the segments:

By Class:

  • Economy: 25 flights- 80.6%
  • Premium Economy: 2 flights- 6.5%
  • Business: 4 flights- 12.9%

Class by distance:

  • Economy: 43,553- 86.9%
  • Premium Economy: 1,888- 3.8%
  • Business: 4,694- 9.4%

Where did Lucas go in 2015? Lucas visited 10 new countries and one new U.S. state. (Check below for photos from each of the new countries Lucas visited last year.)

Countries Visited: (listed in order/ age visited)

  1. Myanmar (Burma)- 3.3
  2. China- 3.3
  3. Nicaragua- 3.5
  4. UAE- 3.7
  5. Bahrain- 3.7
  6. Qatar- 3.7
  7. Oman- 3.7
  8. Grenada- 3.8
  9. Canada (2X)- 3.10
  10. Cuba- 3.11

At the close of 2015 & before turning 4, Lucas has visited 30 countries (UN Member States).

Find out where else Lucas has been:

States Visited:

  1. South Carolina (Charleston)

Lucas has now been to 20 U.S. states. (We also visited Orlando, FL as well as some other states we’ve previously been to.)

Once again, I want to wish Lucas a very happy and special birthday. I look forward to seeing him grow, learn and mature although I have to say that time seems to go way too fast!

Check out a photo from each of the new countries Lucas visited in 2015.

a boy running in a hallway
Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)
a man and child on a stone wall
The Great Wall- China
a boy standing in front of a white building
Leon, Nicaragua
a young boy holding a bird
Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, UAE
a child standing in the sand
Tree of LifeBahrain
a child standing in front of a building
The Museum of Islamic ArtDoha, Qatar
a man holding a child in front of a body of water
Wadi Shab, Oman
a boy in a greenhouse mopping rocks
Belmont Estate- Grenada
a child looking out of a window
Bata Shoe Museum- Toronto, Canada
a child standing in front of a green door
Trinidad, Cuba

We’re looking forward to 2016 being another amazing year of travel!

So far we have flights booked for one trip to a couple of pretty far-off destinations. My guess is that we’ll be planning more things soon enough!

9 thoughts on “30 Countries Before 4: Happy BDay Lucas- The Most Traveled Child!

  1. Ang- Thanks and glad you enjoyed the post! While these take a ton of work, it is really fun to look back at them each year!

    Chanel- Thank you! Lucas sure does love to fly and explore the world! I didn’t even leave the country until my early 20s so he definitely has most beat! 🙂

  2. Happy birthday to Lucas!!! Loved this post! It’s nice to look back and be able to say this is what I did in 2015.

  3. Thanks a lot Charlie! I didn’t leave the US until older than you… Lucas has flown 120 segments and 192,764 miles lifetime, spending over 18.5 days on planes! Let me know next time you find yourself in the NYC area.

    Nic- He can definitely choose to visit them again when he is older if he would like. Lucas might not remember much but traveling has shaped his friendly and curious personality. We also have great photos and memories. He also hasn’t stopped me from continuing the hobby that I most enjoy! Do your kids still like to travel?

  4. Wow! 30 countries is great, but probably he will have to travel to those places again. I have seen it with my kids, they don’t remember much of our trips when they were toddlers. Although they enjoy them at the time and I show them pictures and are interested.

  5. That is just awesome! Well done to all of you and a very Happy Birthday to Lucas! I didn’t visit my first country (other than Canada) until I was 18 so he has a huge head start on me!
    BTW, how many miles do you think he has flown in his whole life?
    Great job building some really great memories, Michael.

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