How Do You Stay In Touch With Your Kids When Traveling?

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Kim and I are currently on a family travel press trip to Puerto Vallarta. This is only our second time not bringing Lucas along on a trip.

When we dropped him off, I think it was harder for me to say goodbye and walk away. (I did mention back in September how it’s hard traveling without your toddler.) While Lucas was going upstairs at Kim’s father’s house, he didn’t look back. I had to call him back to get a second kiss goodbye…

Based on this, it seemed like Lucas would be just fine!

A long travel day along with a missed connection didn’t allow for Kim and I to give Lucas a call on Wednesday. Yesterday we had to call to see how he was doing.

Kim tried from her phone to call using FaceTime. The phone would ring but it wouldn’t seem to connect the call. Then Kim’s phone rang. Her father tried calling and it worked fine.

We were excited to see Lucas and had a nice little conversation with him.

First he asked where we were. After we told him Mexico, he then asked the cutest thing- “Are you having fun”! Why yes we are, thanks for asking… lol

I then said, guess what we did today? He asked what, having no clue so I told him that we swam with dolphins. His reaction was priceless, “That’s awesome!”.

After chatting a bit more, Lucas said he had to go and that was pretty much the end of our call with our big, 3-year-old boy!

I guess you know our preferred way of staying in touch while away… FaceTime.

When you travel without your kids, what’s your favorite way to stay in touch?

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  1. I feel your pain. It’s tough even when they are older, especially since he travels so well with you. We always use FaceTime as well.

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