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Jumping by The Sweetest Place On Earth Sign- Hershey, PA

While on a family trip to Pennsylvania Dutch Country, we had part of a day planned to visit Hershey’s Chocolate World to do a Chocolate Tasting Adventure.
While driving there I suddenly came upon this sign and had to stop for some photos.
For those that don’t know, I am a big fan of signs. (check out my Ridiculous Street Signs tab)
Kim and I timed our jumps perfectly and got a great, synchronized jumping picture!

Jumping With The Maasai- Rift Valley Province, Kenya

While visiting the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, our tour group had the opportunity to visit a Maasai village. From our group of 10, only 3 of us decided to visit the village. For a small fee, we would get a chance to interact with the Maasai and learn a bit about them.
I had remembered seeing on various television shows how the Maasai love to jump. This was right up my alley and I was hoping to get some great shots jumping with them. After being welcomed to the village, they started to do some jumping for us and invited us to join them.
I ended up getting a few good pictures jumping with the Maasai. I also got to wear one of their traditional robes and learned a lot about daily life in the village.
The visit was well worth the $15 or so we each spent to get a glimpse into the lives of these interesting people! (and for the great jumping opportunities!)

Jumping By the Parliament Buildings of Barbados

When we stopped by the Parliament Buildings in Barbados they were already closed for the upcoming holidays. Kim and I weren’t really that interested in taking a tour but the buildings are impossible to miss when visiting Bridgetown so we decided to take a look.
View of Parliament while walking from bus station
We took the bus from our hotel to Bridgetown which took about 20 minutes. While walking from the bus station to the city center, you could see the clock tower of the Parliament Buildings from pretty far away.
Although the clock tower looked nothing like Big Ben in London, it totally reminded me of it.(Barbados is known as the Little Britain of the Caribbean due to being a former British colony. The even drive on the left and everyone speaks English.)
After checking out the buildings, looking around from the outside, I decided that it was a great place for a few jumps. The clock tower would serve as a great background for some photos!
View of Parliament from National Heroes Square

Jumping At Covered Bridges- Vermont, USA

Taftsville Covered Bridge
While visiting Vermont I figured it would be nice to stop and visit a few covered bridges. There wasn’t a lot else going on so this made for a fun reason to drive around. Many of the bridges have a distinct look and style to them and I figured they made for a good place to do some jumps.
Queechee Covered Bridge
Covered bridges are a popular attraction in Vermont. There are around 100 throughout the state. The bridges come in various colors, sizes & can be open or closed on the sides. They are covered to protect the bridges from the elements during the winter.

Other side of Taftsville Bridge
Many covered bridges were badly damaged by Hurricane Irene in August 2011 including both bridges shown in this post. I am not sure if the bridges will be repaired or replaced. From what I read, the Taftsville Bridge was taken apart to be repaired and the fate of the Queeche Bridge was not decided as of yet.
Inside Taftsville Bridge

Jumping by the Old Stone Mill- Newport, Rhode Island

While planning a visit to Newport, Rhode Island I came across a site called the Old Stone Mill or Newport Tower, located in Touro park. The mill looked really interesting and worthy of a quick stop for some photos.

There seems to be some controversy surrounding the Old Stone Mill.
While it is believed to have been used as a mill and built in the mid 17th century, tests have been done to suggest that it could’ve been built centuries earlier and possibly used for other purposes. Some have also said that the mill is comparable to other medieval buildings found in Europe that were built in the 1100s.

Regardless of when the Old Stone Mill was built and what it was really used for, it is a very interesting structure and made for a great place for a jump!

Jumping At The Equator- Kenya

Side 1
While traveling overland through Kenya, many days would consist of long hours on the tour truck with not much to see along the way. We would stop a couple of times to use the bathroom and for a lunch stop.
This day we had a bonus stop. We got to stop at the Equator for a photo-op! There was a small shop selling junky souvenirs but nobody was around to do the water demonstration.
(We’d get to see that later on during the trip while stopping at the Equator in Uganda)
However, there was a very nice double sided sign worthy of taking some pictures.
Group Photo

I love to jump for pictures (for why I jump, click here) while traveling and immediately thought that this was the perfect place for a jump. I had to get pictures jumping on each side of the sign.

Side 2
My wife and I

I also had to get a picture at the Equator with my wife and then asked if anyone else from the group wanted to join me for a jump. A few people thought about it but in the end I only had one person willing to give it a shot.

This 15-20 minute stop ended up being a lot of fun and probably the highlight of the day.

Why I Started Jumping in Pictures

Budapest, Hungary

I started jumping a few years back when asked if a picture I posted (shown above) on the online travel comunity website- Virtual Tourist could be used for a collection being made of jumping pics.
VT member Jumping Norman has a massive collection of jumping pictures. Some he takes but most are sent to him from people living all over the world. After checking out some of his pictures I thought it would be fun to start jumping, mainly when traveling.
Jumping pictures are a lot of fun to take and you definitely end up with some interesting shots.