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Flashback Friday: The Best Places To See Amazing Street Art

FlashbackFriEarlier in the month I wrote about Finding Banksy In Coney Island. The controversial graffiti artists took up “residency” in NYC for one month and was leaving his mark all over the city.

I only had the opportunity to see one of his pieces in person. I tried to see a couple of others but they were already covered up (so that they could be preserved) by the time I stopped by.

After following Banksy’s residency (mainly) online, it made me think about graffiti and a post that I wrote about street art back in the middle of 2012. I thought it would make for a fun post to re-share for this week’s Flashback Friday.

Here is the post:

  • The Best Places To See Amazing Street Art

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An Awesome Souvenir: Policia Nacional Helmet- Colombia

a white helmet with a green emblem
Colombia National Police Helmet

During our trip to Colombia (a few years back), Kim and I spent a few days in Bogota.
We both really liked the city and would’ve liked a bit more time there.

We visited a few museums in Bogota including the National Police Museum.
The museum was really interesting. There were lots of displays featuring various gear and weapons used by the police over the years. There was also a lot of space devoted to Pablo Escobar, the infamous cocaine drug lord. The best part of the museum is that admission is free and you are given a private tour by a young, local guide serving their mandatory one year of service with the police.The guides seemed to be enjoying their jobs  and told us they were happy to have people to practice their English with.

a police officers standing outside of a building

When we left the museum, we saw lots of small shops selling police paraphernalia.
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Jumping in Bolivar Square- Bogota, Colombia

a man jumping in the air in front of a building
While on our trip to Colombia, Kim and I were surprised by how much we enjoyed Bogota.
We really liked wandering around the city. An area that we passed through each day was Bolivar Square. It always seemed to be busy and full of people having a good time. There are shops and museums near the square and the presidential palace is also close by.
During one of our visits to the square, I decided that it was a great place for a jump!

The Best Places To See Amazing Street Art


A couple of months back I was reading a Lonely Planet newsletter which had a short article related to street art. A LP Magazine reader sent in a question asking- Where can I see Amazing Street Art? (Check out the article HERE)
The article answered the question with three suggestions- Belgium, Pittsburgh and Melbourne. I’ve been to Belgium and Melbourne and don’t remember the street art. Maybe I didn’t pay attention to it or it just did not catch my eye.
However, I immediately thought of a couple of cities that did- Bogota, Colombia and Valparaiso, Chile. Continue reading The Best Places To See Amazing Street Art