Jumping At Munich’s Oktoberfest

a man jumping in the air

Last year I finally got to experience Oktoberfest, an event that I’ve been wanting to attend for quite some time. (Check out my trip planning post here.)

We had an amazing time, spending around 4 days visiting and drinking in the massive beer tents. Our visit to Oktoberfest was a very interesting one, especially since we experienced it with Lucas (he was around 1.5 at the time). 

Check out my post Should You Take Your Toddler To Oktoberfest to find out if we felt it was a good idea to bring Lucas along.

While enjoying the festivities and having loads of fun, I tried to remember to take some of my famous jumping pics around the grounds. I didn’t end up taking a ton of  jumping pics, but I thought it would be fun to share a few that we got.

Here are some of the jumping pics that we took at Munich’s Oktoberfest:

a man and woman in front of a building
Outside the Braurosl Tent
a man jumping in the air
Clearing some space on the grounds
a man jumping in the air
Jumping before the grounds got busy

Here are a couple of group-jumping fails. Synchronizing a jumping pic with four people is not an easy thing. My brother joined me for a jump along with two Russian friends that we met a day or two back and then ran into again in another tent! Overall, I think the two photos are pretty comical. They were definitely fun to attempt outside the extremely busy Lowenbrau tent.

IMG_7946 a group of people jumping in front of a buildingI hope that you enjoyed some jumping photos from Oktoberfest. One of these days I’d love to return and jump some more!

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3 thoughts on “Jumping At Munich’s Oktoberfest

  1. Awesome jumps! Fischer-vroni and Braurosl are my favorite tents! I didnt wear a lederhosen (I know I know)… mainly because they were so $$$! Where did you buy yours?

  2. Just got back from Munich last week. It is a must do for sure and a blast. You should post some pics of “The Hill”

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