A First At The Delta Sky Deck- JFK Airport, NYC

Final approach to the Sky Deck

Yesterday I was happy to share an unlikely encounter that I had while attending the opening of Delta’s Terminal 4 (T4) at JFK Airport. You can Read about it HERE.

Today I would like to share something that I did on the brand new Delta Sky Deck that I believe is a first. While checking out the new and incredible Sky Deck, I felt that it would be a great place for a jump! (Make sure to check out the photo below)

(For those of you that don’t know, I like to jump for photos at times. You can check out a sample of my jumping photos on Michael W Travels HERE.)

Entrance to the Sky Club
When my brother and I got to the new T4, there were a couple of things we were really looking forward to seeing. At the top of our (and I’d guess just about everyone else’s) list would be a visit to the Delta Sky Club’s Sky Deck.

When we arrived inside the Sky Club we took a few minutes to check out the new space before making our way to the Sky Deck.
The Sky Deck
From the moment we stepped outside, we were impressed with the Sky Deck. The deck wasn’t huge but still had a very nice amount of space. There was also a good amount of seating and great views of the runway action. My favorite part of the Sky Deck were the views and the option to go outside for some fresh air while waiting for a flight. There is little protection from the sun so I wonder who will want to be out on the Sky Deck when it gets a bit warmer and sunnier out? My guess is that Delta will add umbrellas around the deck for people to take cover from the rays.
Corey W. & Michael W.
Check out the views from the deck
These lamp shades really confused me. If I didn’t know better I’d think they could pass for fez hats or the Egyptian Tarboosh!
Anyway, here is the historic, first jump ever on a Delta Sky Deck. I hope you enjoy!
Jumping for joy on the Sky Deck
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