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Win A Trip To The Lego House In Billund, Denmark!

lego houseIn recent years, Airbnb has given away stays in some pretty interesting places.

There were opportunities to win stays at the Guinness Storehouse in Ireland, and an Ikea in Sydney, Australia.

In a new Airbnb giveaway, one winner can win a trip for 4 to Billund, Denmark to spend a night at the Lego House.  Continue reading Win A Trip To The Lego House In Billund, Denmark!

Do It For Denmark- Have Sex & Win A Free Trip

Danish travel company Spies put together a funny video and is running a very interesting contest to help out the country.

Due to Denmark’s declining birthrate (which is at a 27 year low), Spies is offering an ovulation discount. For one lucky Danish couple that gets pregnant while booked on their trip, they could win a future family friendly vacation as well as 3 years worth of baby products.

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Jumping By Hamlet’s Castle of Kronborg- Denmark

P1030455In February 2011 Kim and I took a quick trip to Copenhagen thanks to a mistake fare with Delta. For $151.50 per person it was a deal that we couldn’t pass up.

We had been to Copenhagen a couple of years back (during the summer) so this time we got to experience the city in the bitter cold of winter.

During our brief 3 day trip, we had planned to stay at a hotel in Copenhagen and see a little more of the country. We ended up visiting three cities in three days!

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Fodors: World’s Smallest Hotel To Open in Copenhagen

I came across this article recently in an e-mail from Fodor’s and thought it was pretty interesting.
The world’s smallest hotel will be opening soon in Copenhagen, Denmark. The hotel will have only one room. It will have about 130 square feet of space and have a bed, shower, sink and toilet. The nightly rate will be about $250US per night, including breakfast at a cafe down the street.

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The Little Merman in Denmark

Hans (photo from USA Today article)
On both of my trips to Denmark I made sure to visit the famous Little Mermaid statue. The statue is based on the fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. It’s located in Langelinie Park in Copenhagen. It’s a very popular tourist attraction always drawing a crowd.
I’d definitely consider it the symbol of the city or possibly even the country.
The Little Mermaid- 1st visit

I recently heard about a new statue in Denmark while reading USA Today online- Hans.

Hans is the male counterpart to the Little Mermaid (maybe a boyfriend or brother) and located an hour away in Elsinore. Elsinore is famous for Kronborg Castle, the setting for Hamlet. Kim and I visited Kronborg in 2011 and really enjoyed it. The statue sounds pretty cool and the eyes will blink once an hour with the help of a hydraulic system according to the USA Today article.
It adds another interesting, quick attraction to check out if you decide to visit the area!
Hans photo found in Google search
Here are a couple more of my Little Mermaid photos:
The Little Mermaind- 2nd visit
I figured a jump might warm me up!
Check out the full USA Today article HERE