Border Jumping: Kansas & Missouri

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For one reason or another I’ve long enjoyed stopping for a photo at border crossings, especially those with some sort of sign or marker.

The first time I could think of doing this was when we walked across the border from South Africa to Namibia. I also had some fun jumping by the border of Kosovo and Albania during our trip last summer to the Balkans.

During our most recent trip to the Mid-West, we found a border marker at an unlikely place, on the middle of a bridge!

While driving from Kansas City to Omaha we made a stop in Kansas to visit the Amelia Earhart Birthplace in Atchison. Just before driving over a bridge into Kansas I noticed a sign for Kansas but it was too late to pull over.

Lucas is trying to jump

After visting the Earhart birthplace I decided to make a quick pit-stop on the way back. This quick stop became a fun little photo-op. Silly little things like this tend to make for a fun time with Lucas even trying to get in on the jumping fun!
Then just a minute or so further down the road, I came across the sign for Missouri.

IMG_4442With little time to think, I had to make an executive decison to pull over onto the shoulder. Kim and Lucas stayed in the car and I quickly ran over to the sign to get a photo.

I was pretty impressed with the photos that Kim was able to get from the car window!

What kind of things do you like to do while traveling to have a little extra (and unconventional) fun?

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