Jumping By Hamlet’s Castle of Kronborg- Denmark

P1030455In February 2011 Kim and I took a quick trip to Copenhagen thanks to a mistake fare with Delta. For $151.50 per person it was a deal that we couldn’t pass up.

We had been to Copenhagen a couple of years back (during the summer) so this time we got to experience the city in the bitter cold of winter.

During our brief 3 day trip, we had planned to stay at a hotel in Copenhagen and see a little more of the country. We ended up visiting three cities in three days!

One of the cities that we visited was Helsingor, home to Kronborg Castle known as Elsinore in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Due to Kronborg’s importance as a Renaissance castle, it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000.

P1030459After spending some time inside checking out the castle we decided to wander around the grounds outside.

It was so cold outside that the water along the shoreline was frozen, looking a bit like an iceberg. However, the sky was clear and the castle looked incredible.

I figured that it was the perfect place for a jump. After taking a bunch of photos, we were happy with our visit and decided it was time to head back to Copenhagen. If you find yourself in Denmark and want to do a quick day trip outside of the city, I would definitely recommend Kronborg Castle in Helsingor.

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