Jumping By The Most Awesome UNESCO World Heritage Sites Marker

Whenever I travel to new places I check to see if any UNESCO World Heritage Sites are nearby.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be really interesting while others can be pretty boring. Overall, I’ve been to 112 sites to date and most were worthy of a visit.

Most UNESCO World Heritage Sites are commemorated with some sort of marker or plaque, listing various info about the site. During a trip to Poland with Lucas, the Wieliczka Salt Mine really impressed. After seeing amazing salt carvings deep in the mine, we came across this awesome UNESCO marker while exiting. It may have been the most impressive World Heritage site marker I ever saw until we visited Saint Lucia.

While driving along the road to Soufriere (the main town in the area we were in), I had to pull over. As I drove the winding roads, I spotted the UNESCO symbol with a plaque along with a breathtaking view of The Pitons right behind it.

The Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004 are visible from all around the island.

We took some time to enjoy the views, stopping by two different times!

We also felt that the UNESCO Pitons marker was a great place for a jump!

First it was Lucas and my turn. Then Kim (with baby Theo onboard) took her turn with Lucas.

Do you have a favorite UNESCO World Heritage Site? If so, let us know which it is.

Check out some of my other jumping photos here. (FYI- The page is long over-due for an update.)

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