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Pass on the Steak, Head to Peter Luger For Their Amazing Burger

peter lugerOK, so if you’re making a special trip to Peter Luger, I know you’ll most likely want to try their famous steak (and I don’t blame you) but hear me out on this one…

Peter Luger is considered by many to be the best steakhouse in New York City. If you want to get in, odds are pretty high that you’ll need a reservation which needs to be made a month in advance.

I’ve had steak at Peter Luger and it is really good but it’s also really pricey. If you ask me, a better option for visiting this historic restaurant is to head over during the day to give their awesome burger (available until 3:45pm) a try. Continue reading Pass on the Steak, Head to Peter Luger For Their Amazing Burger

You’ll Dig Dining At Mister Dips- Brooklyn, NY

awesome burgers

When I first read that chef and restaurateur Andrew Carmellini would be opening a burger and ice cream stand at the new William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I knew that I had to check it out.

I’ve had burgers at a couple of Carmellini’s restaurants (The Dutch and Lafayette) and they were awesome so I had high expectation for this new fast-food concept.

Mister Dips opened on Thursday, September 29,  and my family and I headed by to check it out a couple of days later. Continue reading You’ll Dig Dining At Mister Dips- Brooklyn, NY

One of Most Ridiculous Airbnb Rentals Ever!

Airbnb Rentals
image from NY Mag

We’ve enjoyed staying in Airbnb’s on a bunch of occassions. We found these stays to be an interesting way to meet locals and find out some insider info about the area.

Check out a review of our first time using Airbnb in Bali back in 2012.

In the middle of 2015 I wrote about what seemed like one of the most ridiculous Airbnb rentals ever, a sweet tent in Streamwood, Illinois.

I just came across what might be the most ridiculous Airbnb listing ever and it was located close to home in Brooklyn, NY! Continue reading One of Most Ridiculous Airbnb Rentals Ever!

See New York “Like A Local”

Like A Local

Even when we’re not traveling, Kim and I like to explore at home. Luckily New York has a ton of things to do.

Whether it be visiting a new park with Lucas, trying out new restaurants, maybe a neighborhood we’re unfamiliar with- we’re always out and about exploring and showing Lucas the variety that New York offers, even a local…

When I received an invite for a food tour of a neighborhood in Brooklyn that I am quite familiar with, I was curious. Would a tour like this be good to recommend to readers? Would I learn something new? Would I know most of the places that the tour stops at? etc… Continue reading See New York “Like A Local”

One of the Best Underrated Pizzerias in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Pizza New York City is filled with great places to get pizza and many of them have been around for a very long time.

We have Lombardi’s, American’s first pizzeria around since 1905, although not in its original location. Totonno’s has been serving up their excellent pies in Coney Island since 1924 and John’s of Bleeker St has been around since 1929. There are many other pizzerias around NYC that seem to have been around forever. One of my favorites, I feel doesn’t  get mentioned as much as it should. Continue reading One of the Best Underrated Pizzerias in Brooklyn, NY

An Awesome Time at Taste Talks Food & Drink Fest

taste talks

Over this past weekend (September 12-13), Kim and I attended the Taste Talks Festival in Brooklyn, NY. (Lucas came along to the event on Sunday.)

The festival featured a variety of seminars, discussions & tastings on Saturday as well as the Future Food Expo both days. Sunday was the All-Star BBQ with music by Questlove. Luckily we went early and left just in time before the rain started falling.

We attended a few of the seminars, sampled some tasty food and had a really good time overall.  Continue reading An Awesome Time at Taste Talks Food & Drink Fest

Eat & Learn at Taste Talks Festivals

Taste Talks 

An awesome food festival is coming to Brooklyn, New York this weekend.

Taste Talks will host their event in Brooklyn and then make a stop the first weekend of October in Chicago.

The festivals “celebrate the future of taste through symposia, tastings, dinners and parties. Taste Talks brings together thought leaders and luminaries from around the world together with everyday food enthusiasts to engage in great conversation, amazing food and one-of-a-kind experiences“.

When I first found out about Taste Talks it seemed like a festival which would be really fun and interesting to attend. Continue reading Eat & Learn at Taste Talks Festivals

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Those Views…

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Kim and I have been visiting DUMBO in Brooklyn, NY for quite some time. However, our visits used to be pretty much, just for culinary reasons. Think Jacques Torres Chocolate and the famous Grimaldi’s Pizzeria (although I wouldn’t consider them worthy of the lines they get during the busy summer months & holidays.)

A few years back Patsy Grimaldi returned to the pizza business with his new shop Juliana’s. It took over the original Grimaldi’s location and I’d definitely recommend giving it a try. (FYI- You’ll see very long lines there too.)

When Lucas was born we started going to DUMBO for the impressive Brooklyn Bridge Park. Continue reading Brooklyn Bridge Park, Those Views…

This Might Be The Weirdest Museum Ever & I’d Love To Visit

Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan

I’ve mentioned many times in the past that I’m a fan of odd and strange museums. When thinking of some that fit this description, a museum dedicated to french fries and another all about currywurst come to mind.

Then there’s the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia and the even more shocking Kunstkamera in St Petersburg, Russia.

I could go on mentioning some more weird ones, but a recently opened museum in my hometown of Brooklyn, New York might take top prize…. Continue reading This Might Be The Weirdest Museum Ever & I’d Love To Visit

Margot’s Pizza: An Awesome Pizzeria Within A Pizzeria, Bklyn, NY

The Love Supreme

It’s no secret that I love (possibly obsess over) pizza.

Being that I live in Brooklyn, NY there is no shortage of great pizzerias close by. Within a 15 minutes drive of where we live, Kim and I can visit 3 great places- the original Totonno’s, L & B Spumoni Gardens and what’s considered to be one of the best in the country- DiFara.

Over the years pizza has been a part of our travels and I’ve written a few pizza-related posts.

All areas of interest seem to have their experts. When it comes to pizza, especially around the NYC area, two people come to mind- Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours and Adam Kuban, the founder of pizza blog Slice. Continue reading Margot’s Pizza: An Awesome Pizzeria Within A Pizzeria, Bklyn, NY