Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop- A Great New Addition To The Brooklyn Pizza Scene

Brooklyn PizzaPaulie Gee’s opened in Greenpoint, Brooklyn back in 2010. Long lines soon followed, with many wanting to try some of his great Brooklyn pizza.

Kim and I visited soon after Paulie Gee’s opened. We really enjoyed the pizza, only available by the pie. Since then, we’ve visited quite a few times, although we haven’t been there in around two years. (If you don’t arrive on weekends before opening, you’re bound to get stuck waiting to get inside.)

When I first heard that Paulie Gee’s would be opening a slice shop, I was definitely excited to give it a try. After many delays, Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop officially opened for business on the day we got back from our month- long summer trip to six former Soviet republics. A couple of days later, we stopped by during lunch time to give the shop a try.

We arrived at around 12:30 to a short but slow- moving line. We probably waited close to 30 minutes before ordering but it was definitely worth the wait.a group of people in a restaurantThe shop was designed to feel like an old classic pizzeria, wood paneling and all.a menu board with a price listWe took a look at the menu and decided to order five slices- one of each slice which were available. (Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage, The Mootz and Hellboy.) a group of people sitting at tables in a restaurantWhile waiting for our slices, I took a look around and was really impressed with the bright yet old- school looking shop.

The checkerboard floors are definitely fun and from what I read, the bright orange booths came from a pizzeria that Paulie Gee’s family used to dine at. There’s also an old Coke machine and an Atari set – up. Large TV’s hang on the walls, playing various sporting events.a man standing behind a counter in a barIf you order a soda or beer, you pick up your drinks at the small bar area. Some lime green seats are in front of the bar for added seating.

The Pizza Bounty:a couple of plates of pizzaLike I mentioned above, we ordered five slices to share- Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage, The Mootz (White Slice) and the Hellboy. The pizza looked & smelled great and we couldn’t wait to dig in!

Cheese Slice:a slice of pizza on a paper plateWe started off by trying the plain Cheese slice and it ended up being my favorite.

The slice is pretty thin and the sauce and cheese combo on top were delicious. Kim mentioned how the slice had good cheese pull…

Overall, this tasted like a classic slice, nothing fancy, just really great flavor.

a slice of pizza on a paper plateThe pepperoni slice is best described as the cheese slice with pepperoni on top. The pepperoni was delicious, with a hint of spice. Some of the pepperoni cupped up around the edges and my favorite bites were the areas with a little char.

You can’t go wrong with this slice.

Sausage:a slice of pizza on a paper plateThe sausage slice was also really great. Take the cheese slice, add delicious sausage, you get the idea. Our only complaint about this slice was that we would’ve liked to have seen a few more slices of sausage on it.

The Mozz:a slice of pizza on a paper plateI’m not a big fan of white slices but The Mozz was really great.

My main problem with white slices is that they can be overloaded with ricotta cheese. Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop version was nothing like that.

The slice was thin and crispy, had a nice (not thick) layer of cheese and was noticeably garlicky.

Kim and I both loved this slice.

Hellboy:a slice of pizza on a paper plateMy favorite pie at Paulie Gee’s is the Hellboy so I was looking forward to trying it at the  Slice Shop.

The Hellboy didn’t disappoint. Read my take on the pepperoni slice, add delicious Mike’s Hot Honey and that’s the easiest way to describe it.

Mike’s Hot Honey adds a sweet touch of heat to the slice which I love. Try this slice for something a little different.

Final Thoughts:

Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop is a great addition to the Brooklyn pizza scene.

One thing I wanted to mention was how incredible the crust is. While the slices were thin and borderline crispy, the crust stayed airy and light. The crust was almost like eating tasty bread sticks. Kim and I noticed a touch of salt while eating the crust and I mentioned how I would’ve loved a little sauce on the side for dipping!

The one negative to our visit (day 3 of opening) was that the much talked about Sicilian slices weren’t available yet. The pizzaiolo told me that the Sicilians should hopefully be available in a week so this will be a good excuse to return!

Overall, we really enjoyed the pizza and the retro and welcoming vibe of the shop. I definitely look forward to trying it again.

Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop is located in Greenpoint at 110 Franklin Street Brooklyn, NY.

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