The Best New Burger In NYC Is Served At… Red Hook Tavern

Red Hook TavernBilly Durney’s Hometown Bar-B-Que serves the best ‘cue in New York City. His long anticipated second restaurant finally opened but in a different format than was originally expected.

The space was originally supposed to be a restaurant serving fried chicken. However it changed formats and became Red Hook Tavern, a new version of a classic, old school tavern.While fried chicken is absent from the menu, there are a bunch of great items to choose from.As soon as I could, I made a reservation through Resy since I was really looking forward to trying their Dry Aged Red Hook Tavern Burger. (From what I’ve read, the burger was created as a homage of sorts to the amazing burger served at Peter Luger.)Red Hook Tavern has an extensive wine list but that’s not my thing so I started off with The Champagne of Beer, an ice-cold Miller High Life, reasonably priced at $5.

As we anticipated our burgers coming out, the smells inside were making us even hungrier. (The grilled prawns smelled incredible as they were brought to a few tables.)

Dry Aged Red Hook Tavern Burger: $22When you step inside, you’re bound to see a burger on just about every table. This is the star attraction here.

After a short while, our burgers arrived. They’re plated beautifully, almost like art. I suspect that’s why they chose to accompany the burger with three thick frites.After a couple of photos, it was time to close this massive burger up.
It was hard to wait any longer but I had to take a photo with this tasty burger.I don’t typically cut my burgers in half but I wanted to get a good photo to show how it looked inside.

I ordered our burgers medium and we’d say that they came out perfectly cooked.

As for the taste, the burger has a rich, meaty flavor and was extremely juicy. I didn’t want to put it down!  Every bite was packed with a ton of delicious flavor. There’s no need for any sauce on the burger, it’s perfect how it is.

The bun held my burger together well, probably since I cut it in half. Kim had an issue with her bun falling apart due to how juicy the burger was so she had to use a knife and fork towards the end.

Country Ham Croquettes: $8We ordered one other item, the Country Ham Croquettes. They come four to an order sitting on a dijonnaise sauce.The croquettes started to fall apart on contact but this didn’t take away from their delicious taste.

The inside was super creamy and more smokey than hammy. What stood out the most to me was the awesome dijonnaise sauce which was like a mustard aioli.

Kim and I loved the croquettes, Lucas wasn’t a big fan.

Final Thoughts:

The opening of Red Hook Tavern has been a long time coming. I will say that the burger lives up to every bit of the hype.

The Red Hook Tavern Burger is by far, the best new burger I’ve had this year. I need to give it a try again but I think it’s safe to say that Red Hook Tavern is serving one of the best burgers out there.

Red Hook Tavern is located at 329 Van Brunt Street in Brooklyn, NY.

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