This Famous New York Steak House Will Open In Tokyo

steak houseWhen I think of a famous steak New York stake house, there’s one that comes to mind and it’s actually located in Brooklyn, NY.

Peter Luger Steak House opened in 1887 and has since expanded to Great Neck, Long Island.

Rather than further expanding around New York City or even the United States, the famous restaurant will be opening a location in Tokyo, Japan.

Peter Luger is famous for their porterhouse steaks. I wonder if the first international location will stick to the same menu or add Japan’s famous Kobe beef to its offerings? Grub Street mentions that Luger will ship over the same USDA Prime beef.

Grub Street reports that, “The Tokyo Luger will be the first outside of New York and is part of an exclusive contract with the Wondertable, Ltd., the restaurant operator behind Union Square Tokyo.” 

The restaurant is supposed to be pretty large, falling somewhere in the 7,000-11,000 square foot range.

I’ve had steak at Peter Luger but in my opinion, if you’d like to try the restaurant out, a much better deal is their lunch time- only burger. Check out my review of it here.

The new Peter Luger Steak House in Tokyo is supposed to open in 2020.

I’d love to visit Japan again and if I do, I’d definitely like to try out the new Luger.

Find out more fro Grub Street here.

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