Una Pizza Napoletana Opening 2nd Location In New Jersey

Una Pizza NapoletanaA little over a year ago, I finally got to try Una Pizza Napoletana and it was amazing!

The pizzeria started out in New Jersey, then moved to NYC before leaving for San Francisco. Then in May 2018, Una Pizza Napoletana reopened on New York’s Lower East Side.

Since my initial visit, Kim and I dined their again in late 2018. The pizzas are excellent but definitely on the pricier end of the spectrum.

Around a week back, I saw an image posted on Instagram with signage for a UPN location coming to New Jersey.

I wondered if this was true and if it was, would the just over one year old NYC location remain open.

Eater reports that Anthony Mangieri would be opening in New Jersey “and for the first time, will have more than one location of the restaurant.”

The new location could be ready for business this summer. When it’s ready, it will be located at 91A First Avenue in Atlantic Highlands.

From what I understand, Mangieri makes all of the pies served at Una Pizza Napoletana. Due to this, how could two locations operate at the same time?

Eater mentions that “he started training people for the first time, and Mangieri is telling the Times that he will split his time between the two locations.”

Find out more from Eater here.

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