This Pizza Themed Airbnb Comes With… A Slice Of Pizza!

pizzaWe started using Airbnb during our trips back in August 2012.

After having a hard time finding a solid, affordable place in Singapore, we turned to Airbnb and it was an awesome experience. Since then, we’ve stayed in Airbnbs many times, some stays have been great, others not so much.

Over the years, I’ve come across various interesting and bizarre Airbnbs like a 6 ton potato, a vintage custom vanigloos, tents and more.

I recently came across a really cool Airbnb thanks to Instagram which should appeal to all of the pizza lovers out there!

The listing, A “Slice” Above”- 2bd, 1ba is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and could be a very solid deal for a stay close to Manhattan at $118 per night. What’s even cooler about the listing is that it’s located above Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop, an awesome shop I wrote a review about back in 2018.

The rental has a pizza theme and is ran by Paulie Gee and his wife Mary Ann, which Paulie called a pizza museum on Instagram.

The apartment is decorated with pizza-themed records, ads, posters, bedsheets, a shower curtain and even Pizza Me Elmo!

One of the best lines in the listing is that “linens, blankets, pillows, towels, soap (and a slice) are provided“. This has got to be the first Airbnb rental to ever include a slice of pizza!

If we didn’t live in Brooklyn and were coming to the NYC area for a visit, I’d definitely want to spend a night or two at A Slice Above. What do you think?

Find out more and check out the listing on Airbnb here.

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