A Visit To The New Aita Pizzeria in Brooklyn, NY

pizzeriaThe Michael W Travels really loves pizza and enjoys trying out different pizzerias close to home and far away.

When I read about a new place which was serving a new style of pizza in Brooklyn, I needed to give Aita Pizzeria in Clinton Hill a try. We visited a few days after the shop opened (in September) and I have to say that we were really impressed.

Aita Pizzeria serves Calabrese style pizza which is a somewhat thick, cheese-less variety as well as more typical NY style slices and Sicilians. We decided to order one of each to share.

The Calabrese style square is covered in a thicker, tasty sauce. There’s also a few olives on top. What we were most impressed with was how light the crust felt, while also being nice and crunchy. I do like Sicilian slice at times but I don’t love when they feel super heavy. There was also a touch of heat which Kim and I liked.

It’s hard to call this pizza but it was delicious. I could see this being cut into smaller pieces and served instead of bread at an Italian restaurant. When we go back to Aita, I’ll definitely be ordering a Calabrese slice again.

The NY style slice had a different sauce than the Calabrese but was also delicious. The slice was very cheesy to the extent where it looked like it might have extra cheese. A lot of people were coming in and ordering slices with toppings. Next time I might give a topping a try but this was awesome as is. The Siciliana was very different than the Calabrese. It features a thinner sauce as well as a generous amount of cheese. What I liked was that this wasn’t an overly heavy square. Some of the best bites of this slice were the burnt cheese on some of the edges.
The only item we didn’t love was the pepperoni pinwheel. The dough seemed to be undercooked and it also lacked any real flavor. I usually love pinwheels but this missed the mark.

I think if the pinwheel was cooked longer and some sauce for dipping is included, it could be a solid item.

Overall, the pizza at Aita Pizzeria really hit the spot. This pint-sized pizzeria is a great option for a quick slice or if you live in the area. With only 4 stools inside, it’s a hard place to go to if you expect to sit down and eat. Regardless, their unique Calabrese style pizza is delicious and worth a try as are their other slices.

When we visit again, it will be tough to decide what to order. I’m not sure that this is a bad thing!

Aita Pizzeria is located at 373 Waverly Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. 

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8 thoughts on “A Visit To The New Aita Pizzeria in Brooklyn, NY

  1. Michael- That’s a great question and the answer depends on what area you’ll be in.

    If you’re near Williamsburg, I’d suggest picking 3 from Best Pizza, Williamsburg Pizza, L’Industrie, Joe’s and Emmy Squared. (Emmy Squared is a restaurant, no slices.)

    If you’re close to Coney Island and have a car, I’d say Totonno’s (original location), Spumoni Gardens and DiFara.

    DUMBO- Julianna’s, Grimaldi’s and House of Pizza & Calzone. (First two- no slices, long lines on weekends.)

    There are so many more. Let us know where you go and enjoy!

    1. MW, nice review. I’m sure you could do a massive post on your review of all NYC pizza joints you’ve visited. Kind of a “Pizza Gourmet’s Guide” to NYC’s pizzas. I do realize this might amount to a lifetime’s work to be inclusive!!!!

  2. What about Manhattan Michael? – I live in Manhattan and people or friends visiting ask me for excellent pizza places, but that’s not an easy answer !

  3. John J- Thanks! That would be an amazing project!

    Albert Trotter- They were $2.50 per slice which is very fair!

    Jorge- It certainly isn’t! Some of my Manhattan favs are Rubirosa, NY Pizza Suprema, Joe’s, Lombardi’s and Prince St Pizza. Which do you like?

  4. I’ll be in DUMBO during the week

    I can’t wait to try the three you suggested since I loved Patsy’s before an Isle’s game and loved it and I have heard it’s only regarded as “good”

    What about the Peter Luger cheeseburger for lunch one day or are there better options?

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