You NEED To Try The Big Macher Burger at Mile End Deli

Mile End Deli

One of my favorite foods is the hamburger. This should come as no surprise considering how many burger reviews I’ve written here at Michael W Travels.

What I love about burgers is that they can come in so many different varieties. The bun, meat, cheese and other topping all can vary, making for lots of unique kinds of burgers!

You wouldn’t expect to find an amazing burger at a Jewish- style deli, but you can get a really great burger at Mile End Deli in Brooklyn, NY.

Kim and I have been going to Mile End Deli since it opened back in 2010. The main items of interest were the Montreal style smoked meat and the poutines (fries with cheese curds and gravy.)

The menu also offers other tasty items, all of which seem to be prepared at the standards of a high-end restaurant with prices to match. (Mile End is pricey but it isn’t over the top, break the bank expensive.)

I’ve had the smoked-meat burger at Mile End Deli many times and I really do love it but when we stopped by for dinner recently, I noticed something new…

Hello to The Big Macher!

The Big Macher is two beef patties, latke, lettuce, pickles, onion, cheese and secret sauce on a bun. (There’s also a Lil’ Macher which is made with one patty.)

Kim and I decided to share The Big Macher along with some other things and it’s a good thing we did. The Big Macher is a big beast of a burger and would be best described as a delicious mess… In a good way! 🙂

While snapping some photos of the burger, the chef asked how the it was. I commented how I’m wasn’t sure, I was still coming up with a plan on to take a bite!

The burger is one of the tallest that I’ve ever seen so I decided to push it down and then cut it in half. After removing the pickles (Kim loved them) and onion (I only like cooked onions on a burger), I dug in.

Mile End Deli really hit a home run with this burger.

All of the elements really come together to make a super tasty burger. The meat is really juicy and flavorful, and the latke adds a unique element that I’ve never noticed in a burger before. Too bad I didn’t notice the latke in every bite!

Overall, I’ll definitely be ordering The Big Macher again at Mile End Deli.

Some other noteworthy items:

Mile End Deli

Poutines are a very Canadian dish and we love them. Mile End’s version are delicious and highly recommended.

The Classic Poutines are French fries with cheese curds and gravy. The burger doesn’t come with fries so you’ll probably want an order of these. I suggest getting a small since they are a heavy dish.

Mile End’s Pierogies come with carmelized onions and chive sour cream. Kim and I loved the pieroges since they weren’t really greasy like at other places. They are really flavorful but the carmelized onions really elevated the dish to another level.

We ordered the pierogies for Lucas so Kim and I only had a taste this time and had to share one. If a 5 year- old loves them, I’m pretty sure that it’s safe to say, most adults will too!

We’ve only been to the original location of Mile End Deli which is located at 97A Hoyt Street in Brooklyn, NY. (We’ve also sampled their food at markets in the past.) There’s also another location in Manhattan at 53 Bond Street.

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