Sleep In This Airbnb In SoHo, NYC For Just $69 Per Night, But…

AirbnbNew York City can be an extremely pricey place to find a place to stay.

For those visiting the Big Apple, Airbnb could be a good option but most rooms are going to set you back a couple of hundred $$$ per night.

There’s currently a bargain listing on Airbnb. You can stay in SoHo for just $69 per night. Of course there’s a but…

The listing being mentioned has 35 reviews and very good ratings at 4.5 stars. However, you won’t have a toilet or shower to use at the property during your stay. You’ll have to settle for free guest passes to a gym close-by which has a pool with showers.

If you’re interested in the listing, for under $70 per night, you’ll be spending the night in a “Vintage Custom Van.”

I don’t think that van life would be for me or my family but this could be a great deal for a very adventurous (and frugal) traveler. This just isn’t the experience that I’d be looking to check off my list!

Would you be interested in sleeping in a van for a budget visit to New York City? I think you know where I stand on this one.

If you haven’t yet signed up for Airbnb, please consider using my invite link. You’ll receive $40 off your first stay of $75 or more and I’ll receive a $20 credit once you complete your stay.

(Thanks to Gothamist for sharing news of this interesting Airbnb listing.)

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