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Searching For Invader In Ljubljana, Slovenia!

InvaderWe showed up in Ljubljana, Slovenia very tired and feeling a bit under the weather.

Our plan for the first day was no real plan. We figured it would be best to wander around since we were arriving mid day and then get down to business the following day.

As we walked around, one of us noticed a pixelated tile mosaic from our favorite street artist, Invader! Continue reading Searching For Invader In Ljubljana, Slovenia!

Searching For Gnome Mountain In High Falls, NY

GnomeOver the holiday weekend, Kim and I decided to take a short trip to upstate NY. We figured it would be nice to get away one last time before the school year begins.

Our first destination was lunch at a new pizza shop which recently opened. On the way, Kim did a search to see if there was anything else worth checking out in the area.

While doing her search, Kim asked me if I had heard of Gnome Mountain. Continue reading Searching For Gnome Mountain In High Falls, NY

You NEED To See These Instagram Photos

Instagram photos
Instagram: @paperboyo

I’m sure that we’ve all seen those silly photos where with a little trickery it appears your friend is holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa or kissing the Sphynx in Egypt.

While they are a bit ridiculous, I’m guilty of trying this out in the past and it can be a lot of fun! (Also, who am I to judge? I do jump for photos all over the world!)

I recently came across some amazing travel photos which remind me of the photos I’ve described above, they’re just a whole lot better. Continue reading You NEED To See These Instagram Photos

Turn Your Passport Into A Masterpiece…

Passport Art

To this day I still get excited when my passport gets stamped. I can’t wait to see what the new stamps (and Visas) will look like when visiting a new country.

After my passport is stamped, I usually leave the page open to let the ink dry so it won’t smear or get messed up. At times I’ve even requested for a stamp to be placed on a specific page. I’ve even gone as far as seeking out border officials when entering a new country and no one asked for my passport… Continue reading Turn Your Passport Into A Masterpiece…

Amazing Art At The Berlin Wall

a man jumping in front of a wall with graffiti

Back in September 2013, Kim, Lucas and I headed to Germany for the main purpose of attending Oktoberfest. Rather than just go for the festival, we started out in Berlin, a city that I we really enjoyed checking out.

When I think of Berlin, the first thing that comes to mind is the Berlin Wall. Although it divided the city for close to 30 years, the remaining segments have been (mostly) turned into works of art. (This was my first time seeing the wall in its original home but I did get to see it in Las Vegas and Albania.) Continue reading Amazing Art At The Berlin Wall

Finding Banksy In Coney Island

photo (6)

I’m not really a fan of art but was really interested in the excitement that Banksy caused around NYC during his month-long residency Better Out Than In.  For just about every day in October, Banksy debuted a new work of art ranging from moving pieces, sculptures and his typical graffiti around the 5 boroughs of NYC.

At first I didn’t pay much attention to the hype but then it got interesting when Banksy set up a stand by Central Park. A vendor was selling original Banksy pieces for only $60 but it didn’t lead to many sales. The few lucky people who made a purchase are sitting on a small gold mine if they ever figure out what they have.

I started following closer each day, checking to see what Banksy would come up with next. It was also fun to find out which boroughs and neighborhoods the pieces were placed in.

Continue reading Finding Banksy In Coney Island