Searching For Gnome Mountain In High Falls, NY

GnomeOver the holiday weekend, Kim and I decided to take a short trip to upstate NY. We figured it would be nice to get away one last time before the school year begins.

Our first destination was lunch at a new pizza shop which recently opened. On the way, Kim did a search to see if there was anything else worth checking out in the area.

While doing her search, Kim asked me if I had heard of Gnome Mountain.

I’m pretty sure my response was gnome what? or what mountain? or something along those lines…

Kim went on to explain how an artist had placed gnome statues on a mountain close to the pizzeria. I was immediately interested in checking it out.

We weren’t sure if we could hike around gnomes on a mountain or just get a quick look at them.a rock structure with trees and a signAfter lunch, we set off to look for Gnome Mountain. Kim pointed out a rocky area where she thought the gnomes would be. We pulled over but nothing looked out of the ordinary and there weren’t any gnomes around.

Initially, Kim thought that maybe it was a temporary art exhibit. We turned around to drive off and then Kim pointed and said “it’s right there!”

I noticed a sculpture we had drive past on the way to the pizzeria but still didn’t see any gnomes. (If you look too fast, you’ll probably miss them!)a group of glass bottles on a rockWe then pulled over to get a closer look.

A sign mounted to the mountain said Gnome Mountain was a site-specific installation by Sam Tufnell.a rock with a tree in the backgroundWe looked around and noticed little gnome statues in a variety of colors spread out on the mountain.a man standing in front of a rock wall with his hands togetherI figured that I’d join the little gnomes in their pose for a photo. I then noticed a plug on the ground. It appears that at night, the gnomes get lit up.

I would’ve loved to have seen them shining but I don’t know if or when we’ll be back in the area at night.

Final Thoughts:

Gnome Mountain isn’t the kind of site you’d drive out of your way to seek out. However, if you’re in the area it’s a lot of fun to pull over for to check out for a few minutes.

Gnome Mountain is located at 11 Mohonk Rd in High Falls, NY.

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