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First Hard Rock Hotel Opening in Germany

Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel has locations all over the world although I wouldn’t call it a big hotel brand. (They currently have 22 hotels.) However, they seem to be expanding quite a bit with a bunch of new locations in the works.

The first Hard Rock Hotel will be opening in Germany and it will be located in an interesting and historic location. Continue reading First Hard Rock Hotel Opening in Germany

My Almost Celebrity Encounter in Berlin

a man pushing a stroller in front of a large building with Berlin Cathedral in the background
Berlin Cathedral

Last year I had an almost close encounter with a pretty well known actor. Kim, Lucas and I were walking from our hotel in Berlin (the Radisson Blu) to Museum Island.

Along the way we stopped to take photos of the Berlin Cathedral. We noticed people walking around, looking a bit peculiar. We walked a bit further in to get a more centered photo of the cathedral before realizing that a film was being shot. All of these random people were movie extras. Continue reading My Almost Celebrity Encounter in Berlin

Back to The Balkans- Day 1: 20 Hours in Berlin

Trip Planning: Back to The Balkans

To start off our trip Back to The Balkans we had a layover of 20+ hours in Berlin. Besides spending the night at a hotel close to the airport, we also had around a half-day to wander around the city.

We had a really nice time during our visit to Berlin last September (including seeing some Amazing Art at the Berlin Wall) so we didn’t mind the time in the city.

We didn’t really arrive with much of a plan besides heading over to one museum that we missed back in September. We decided to head over to the area around Checkpoint Charlie and figure it out from there.

Here is how we spent our time: Continue reading Back to The Balkans- Day 1: 20 Hours in Berlin

Amazing Art At The Berlin Wall

a man jumping in front of a wall with graffiti

Back in September 2013, Kim, Lucas and I headed to Germany for the main purpose of attending Oktoberfest. Rather than just go for the festival, we started out in Berlin, a city that I we really enjoyed checking out.

When I think of Berlin, the first thing that comes to mind is the Berlin Wall. Although it divided the city for close to 30 years, the remaining segments have been (mostly) turned into works of art. (This was my first time seeing the wall in its original home but I did get to see it in Las Vegas and Albania.) Continue reading Amazing Art At The Berlin Wall

10,000 Gold Points Or Club Carlson Welcome Gift

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On our trip to Germany back in September we stayed in two Club Carlson properties in Berlin. We stayed at the art’otel Berlin Mitte and the Radisson Blu Berlin. Being a Club Carlson Gold member, I expected an In-Room Welcome Gift during our stay. I didn’t think that we received a gift at either property and was a bit surprised.

On previous stays at Club Carlson properties, we’ve received gifts like fruit plates (delivered to our room) and gift bags filled with a generous amount of snacks and water.

This made me wonder if the In-Room Welcome Gift was only available for stays in the United States. I am pretty sure that we received a gift during our stays in Russia (Moscow & Saint Petersburg) earlier in the year but I wasn’t positive.

Continue reading 10,000 Gold Points Or Club Carlson Welcome Gift

Recap Of Our Visit To Berlin


Our trip to Germany started off with a visit to Berlin. We had 3 days there, and probably could have used another day or two to get an even better feel for the city.

Being that it was after the peak summer travel season I expected the city to be relatively quiet but there seemed to be tourists everywhere. Since Berlin is such a big city, with its sites spread out, this wasn’t an issue at all.

Getting around was very easy. We took the trains all over the city and also did a ton of walking.  The trains are pretty simple to figure out (especially when we had wifi to use googlemaps) but buying a train ticket could be a real pain. Machines, which were cash only would not accept our brand new Euros a couple of times. Luckily we were able to buy train tickets at second hotel we stayed in- Radisson Blu Berlin, right from the concierge desk.

Here are some of the things we did:

  • Visited various Berlin Wall segments/ sites
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Took in some views from the top of the Reichstag
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  • Pergamon Museum
  • Jewish Museum Berlin
  • DDR Museum  Continue reading Recap Of Our Visit To Berlin

Are you Klaus Heidi? Win A New Life In Berlin From Lufthansa Sweden

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 11.38.57 PM

Last week I came across a really bizarre promotion being ran by Lufthansa Sweden. Lufthansa refers to this offer as a contest but this isn’t exactly the case. I find it more to be a promotion since the prize is a bit gimmicky yet funny at the same time.

Before I explain more I’ll let you know that this offer is only open to  Swedish citizens but still worth hearing about.

Here is the promo:

Lufthansa is looking for Klaus Heidi and if you are willing to change your name, they might move you to Berlin for good! 

The Prize: Continue reading Are you Klaus Heidi? Win A New Life In Berlin From Lufthansa Sweden