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US Says Kuwait Airways Discriminated

Kuwait Airways
image: Aero Shots

In early 2015 I wrote about discrimination at JFK Airport due to a passenger having an Israeli passport.

A quick recap of what happened: a woman with an Israeli passport was flying with her husband who has an American passport. The couple was supposed to fly on Kuwait Airways to London but the airline would not let her fly due to her Israeli passport. In the end, the woman was rebooked by Kuwait Airways on another airline but they wouldn’t do the same for her husband so they had to fly to London separately.

The couple sued Kuwait Airways for discrimination. Continue reading US Says Kuwait Airways Discriminated

Turn Your Passport Into A Masterpiece…

Passport Art

To this day I still get excited when my passport gets stamped. I can’t wait to see what the new stamps (and Visas) will look like when visiting a new country.

After my passport is stamped, I usually leave the page open to let the ink dry so it won’t smear or get messed up. At times I’ve even requested for a stamp to be placed on a specific page. I’ve even gone as far as seeking out border officials when entering a new country and no one asked for my passport… Continue reading Turn Your Passport Into A Masterpiece…

Discrimination At JFK Airport Due To Passport?

kuwait airlines
image: wikipedia

I’m not sure that this should be happening in the U.S. or in any countries/ airports for that matter…

A woman was trying to fly from New York’s JFK Airport to London on Kuwait Airlines but was not allowed on the plane due to her passport.

No, the passport wasn’t expired and my guess is that it had enough pages left inside. Continue reading Discrimination At JFK Airport Due To Passport?